‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff’s Photos Of Baby J And Ember – One For Every Month In 2018

LPBW fans know Matt Roloff‘s thrilled in his role of grandpa to Baby J and Ember Roloff. Luckily, followers of the TLC show, Little People, Big World, often see him sharing photos on his Instagram. For fans, 2018 brought manyphotos every month. Often, they bring heartwarming reactions. Actually, selecting the best one for each month for the year brought some dilemma, as so many of them are cuteness and melt-worthy. Nevertheless, Soap Dirt presents their choices.

1. ‘LPBW’s’ Baby J and cousin Ember January 2018

Last Christmas, Zach and Tori Roloff, as well as Matt, posted up loads of lovely pictures for LPBW followers. This year, January arrived and Matt Roloff sent out the message that would prevail throughout 2018 with the post below. Charmingly, it showed Baby J and his pretty cousin Ember. Sharing his happiness, Matt captioned it with, “My Grandkids fill me with joy.”

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My Grandkids fill me with joy.

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2. Matt Roloff posts Jackson the farmer in February

Jackson’s often referred to as a “little farmer” by Matt Roloff. Notably, for the first time, February 4, he used the term to describe Baby J popping in for a visit. Incidentally, LPBW fans love it that he refers to him like that. Potentially, it brings hope for a long-term run of Little People, Big World.

3. Cute photo showing Ember from March 2018

Sweet little Ember, the daughter of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, looked really cute in this photo. Obviously, Matt Roloff loves it when the grandkids visit. Additionally, He noted in his caption that Ember Jean’s always smiling! Look at the sweet smile for grandpa. Fortunately, even though Jeremy and Audrey left LPBW, we should see them at family events next season.

4. Patty Cake with grandpa Roloff in April

Fans of LPBW loved this photo of baby J playing patty cake with grandpa. Usefully, @dianemendoza752 summed it up for fans of the show. They wrote, “How cute he looks like zack..your a beautiful grammpa..!! He is your next soccer ⚽️ player..!! Congratulations you beautiful family..!![sic]”

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Look who played patty cake with grandpa today.

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5. The fascination with driving the rig begins May 2018

Ever since Baby J got up on the rig with Matt Roloff, his fascination grew. Similarly, followers of LPBW saw many more of these as the year went by.

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Look who anxious to drive grandpa’s rig.

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6. Roloff Farm supervisor photo in June

Proudly, Little People, Big World‘s Matt Roloff posted up this photo of Baby J in June. Zach and he went off to check the plantings, apparently. Tongue in cheek, he said that Baby J is their “supervisor.”

7. Cutest Little People, Big World girl in July

Ember loves her new toys, it seems. Plus, Audrey dresses her up in her own style. “I love how Audrey dresses her, Ember always looks SO stylish,” commented LPBW fan, @afton_clark_.

8. The sweet & simple rewards of life came in August

Certainly, Baby J knows his mind, and he wants to ride the rig with Matt often, it seems. For Matt Roloff, it looks like that’s no hardship as he captioned it with, “The sweet sweet simple rewards of life.”

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Ahhhhh. The sweet sweet simple rewards of life!

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9. September photo, Ember’s birthday

In September, LPBW fans saw this gorgeous photo posted up by Matt Roloff. The occasion was Ember Jean’s first birthday. In describing the photo, Matt said she’s “a sweet blessing.”

10. October, something to be thankful for

October, one of the busiest months on Roloff Farms, means everyone gets busy. In fact, Baby J looked ready to get down to business.

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Look who pushed open the gate and said hello

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11. November saw three generations at the beach

As vacations do, many photos came out of the trip to the beach. Matt Roloff diverted en route to Arizona to give Zach and Tori time out to do big-people things, like rowing, for instance. Really, this picture showed the likeness of three little guys enjoying the seaside. LPBW fans commented that certainly, walking on the soft sand, must have been a bit difficult for Matt because of his crutches.


12. December 2018 – Christmas is coming

Finally, Matt Roloff posted up a photo of baby J as part of his Little Lucy, Big Race promotion this Christmas. In fact, Matt told Soap Dirt this year, knowing Jackson would be a little person, helped inspire him to write the book.

Looking forward to more photos of baby J & Ember from Matt Roloff next year

What do you think of Matt Roloff’s photos of Baby J and Ember in 2018? Moreover, did you like the selection taken from every month of 2018? As a result, are you looking forward to more Little People, Big World baby photos next year?

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