‘Little People, Big World’ Watch Baby J Drive His Mule Like Grandpa

Little People, Big World stars often share photos of Baby J. However, the past couple of days, Grandpa Matt Roloff didn’t. In fact, his last post mentions how he sometimes takes a break from social media. He posted, “For those of you that have been following me on social media for a while already know… Every now and again I like to pause the posts.”

That means fewer posts of Matt Roloff with fan-favorite baby J. Even Tori slowed down for a couple of days, so thank goodness for Zach! He posted an Instagram Story showing Baby J drive his mule just like grandpa.

Getting the ‘Little People, Big World’ daily Baby J fix

Lately, fans were spoiled with daily updates from Matt Roloff, Zach, and Tori. The latest fix came out. It’s a new video story showing he doesn’t just pretend to drive the mule with Grandpa. He has his own cute little rig. This little boy knows exactly how to open the door, get in and get ready to roll. We don’t know if he spent time with Matt and Lucy on his rig as sadly, Matt’s not posting at the moment.

Fans of Matt and baby J may be disappointed for a short while until Matt comes back. Probably, Matt’s mind is on the upcoming Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farms. Fans certainly hope it’s not on possibly leaving Little people, Big World. The other day, he said on Instagram that when Jeremy and Audrey left he actually gave it a lot of thought. While fans were happy to know he would stay with the show, the dreadful thought of LPBW ending lurks in the future.

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Watch ‘LP, BW’ Baby J ready to ride in his little rig

Thanks to Zach, fans of LP, BW got to see something of Jackson. His little mule-type rig even has his own name on the side. Baby J’s in his red tee-shirt and shorts. It’s so cute the way he climbs in and just like Matt, get’s his one hand on the steering. He smartly closes the door as though he’s been doing it for around 40 years. This boy loves to ride, and fans love to watch him do so. Hopefully, in years to come, just like his dad, we’ll see him really doing all those big-boy things on the farm.

Zach grew up in front of the cameras and he’s easy with it. Tori’s into it now and they are a popular couple on the show. Baby J, only just about 16 months old will likely spend much of his young life in front of them too. Fans certainly hope so. These types of Instagram stories bring joy, and joy breeds love.


One month left until Matt Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season

For fans fortunate enough to head to Roloff Farms this Pumpkin Season, they only need to wait a short while longer. Hopefully, they all post lots of their own stories for others to share. Perhaps, if they get really lucky, Baby J will ride by with Grandpa Matt on his mule.

What do you think of cute Baby J as he confidently climbs into the tiny little mule?

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