‘Little People, Big World’ Audrey Roloff Shares Ember’s Birth Story

Little People, Big World won’t have Audrey Roloff and husband Jeremy in future series. But Audrey spends a lot of time writing her blog and sharing stuff on her Instagram account. As Ember Roloff’s first birthday loomed, Audrey finished her birth story.

It’s a long and honest story of how it feels to give birth, how it all goes down. In places, Audrey Roloff’s birth story is not what a new mom-to-be wants to read. However, it’s very real. Most moms fear the experience of giving birth no matter how much they want to be a mother. The Little People, Big World star’s story is useful and honest, but she does point out that every birth is different.

‘Little People, Big World’ birthing is a partnership for Audrey Roloff

In her blog, Audrey Roloff said that she and Jeremy always wanted to experience the birth as partners. He was never going to just sit in a chair in the corner and wait for their miracle to come. He was right there with her, taking part, fully immersed in the birth of Ember Roloff. That’s a big thing for pregnant women. It’s hurting and you need support. In the bad old days gone by, unwed moms had to go through it alone and disgraced, so these days support is more likely.

Her blog starts explaining how she was overdue and just wanting the baby to come without being induced. After cramping on and off for a few days, she woke in the night thinking it was just more of the same. But then she got another cramp and she just knew it was for real. It’s very difficult to explain the pain of a birthing cramp. Sometimes it’s described as a tummy cramp from an upset stomach, but much worse. Much worse could range from ‘ouch’ to stepping into a firepit. But as the Little People, Big World star said, “I quickly realized this was different. MUCH different. This was the blinding ambush.”

‘LP, BW’ star Audrey didn’t want a medicated birth

These days lot’s of women prefer to go for an unmedicated birth, so Little People, Big World‘s Audrey and Jeremy planned it the way they felt was best. Audrey writes, “Our birth plan was essentially to have a low-intervention, unmedicated birth at the hospital with the help of our doula Echo, essential oils, prayer, and a jammin’ Spotify playlist.” That takes courage, especially when you feel the first labor pain and knew it will just get stronger until the baby comes. Audrey wanted to trust her Lord Jesus to help her through the ordeal.

In the delivery room, Audrey got to a contraction every three minutes that lasted about half of that time. So, 1.5 minutes to recover, then the next one. Audrey started getting nausea and threw up for ages, saying that she felt like her body had gone “into shock” from the sudden labor. She decided to use the tub and the warm water helped to ease the lower back pain. She describes how floating in the water really did help her to cope and relax a bit. So, if you’re looking to have a baby, bear that in mind.

Audrey Roloff starts to reach her breaking point during Baby Ember Roloff’s birth

By the time her contractions were coming along every 20 seconds or so, Audrey wrote how the pain was so intense she just wanted “a break.” She felt she was nearing breaking point. She wrote, “wow… I can’t do this anymore.” But all bad things come to an end, and despite the more intense pain, the baby finally arrived. But first, a lot of the pain and pressure was because her waters hadn’t broken!

Once they manually broke them she was able to push. She pushed for 45 minutes before the baby arrived. This is the miracle of birth: Baby comes and the pain disappears. Two miracles at once. Birth is all worth the pain. As Audrey wrote, “Holding our baby girl for the first time, while looking up into her daddy’s watery eyes… wow. Oh my heart. I think I’ll be discovering the depths and significance of this moment for a long time.”

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