‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Denies Dyeing Her Hair

Little People, Big World fans got around to discussing Audrey Roloff‘s hair on Instagram and she denied ever dyeing it. Strangely, the conversation arose after Audrey posted a beautiful prayer that she prays over her daughter Ember Roloff. However, as Audrey quite often answers questions on her social media, things sometimes go off track a little bit. Loads of fans loved the devotion and said they would use it for their kids, and just swap out Ember’s name. On the other hand, many fans of LPBW commented about the color of Audrey’s hair.

‘Little People, Big World’ Lost Audrey Roloff

Fans of the TLC show know that Little People, Big World won’t feature Audrey and Jeremy Roloff as regulars in the next season. Apparently, we may see them occasionally at birthdays and family gatherings. However, Jeremy and Audrey still reach out to their fans through blogs and podcasts and of course, through Instagram. The post that she shared that morphed into a discussion about her hair showed Ember Roloff and her Mom out walking. Audrey’s hair looked stunning. That kind of red hair seems to be a bit of a rarity.

Some LPBW fans wanted to know if her hair color’s natural or enhanced. A few Little People, Big World followers mentioned their similar hair color but noted that sometimes it fades. Actually, the photo below shows up the color of her hair beautifully. In fact, the photo is so nice that one fan asked how many photographers follow her around. To that, Audrey Roloff replied, saying that Jeremy’s the one who takes the pictures.

The Question About Dyeing Hair

Perhaps it’s a bit forward to ask someone if they dye their hair, but Audrey didn’t seem to mind. Actually, the question arose after some nice comments. Here’s what fans of Little People, Big World had to say:

  • @offeel0ver0221: “@audreyroloff you look like Ariel with that red hair love it.”
  • @susanvineslee: “You have gorgeous hair audreyroloff”
  • @shannontyler4: “@audreyroloff you are just stunning!! You are crazy photogenic! My Daughter is the same way. Love love your hair!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!”
  • @zorayada_elia: “Can I just say your hair is beautiful!!!❤️”

The question from one LPBW fan on her hair and using dye was by @leannedziewa. They wrote, “Random question @audreyroloff is that your natural hair color? I’m a natural but have lost tone over the years and contemplating a natural henna toner.”

Audrey Roloff Tells LPBW Fan About Hair Color

In answer to the questions about whether her hair was natural, Audrey Roloff responded. In fact, she simply said, “I have never dyed my hair.” Even so, some Little People, Big World fans thought she may have as they pointed out her hair looked a bit darker and “more robust” in this photo.

However, filters do change things, and if she denies using hair dye, then fans probably should believe her. She hardly comes across as someone who tells fibs, after all. What do you think Audrey’s  hair color? Would you use a hair dye to match her color?

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