‘LPBW’ Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Launch Behind The Scenes Podcast

LPBW stars Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff left the TLC reality show, but fans can still follow them. In fact, their new Behind The Scenes podcast launch means closer interaction with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff than on the reality show. The Little People, Big World couple announced more news on Instagram. The trailer and first four episodes of their podcast went live Thursday, November 15. The announcement pointed to a new Insta account made especially for the podcast.

‘LPBW’ fans listen to Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on various platforms

The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Sticher and Google Play. iTunes delayed things a bit according to Good Housekeeping.com, but it’s now live.  Audrey notes that the podcast runs every Tuesday. The coverage includes so many things viewers of LPBW missed out on. Behind The Scenes reveals things like the reason why they left the reality show, how they deal with their daily lives, and more. The Instagram post by Audrey noted, “On this podcast, we share the messy, honest, unfiltered and not so curated parts of our life. Think of this podcast as a bunch of bloopers with some truth bombs sprinkled throughout.?”

When you find the podcast, the introduction by Audrey Roloff notes that fans get to learn what they are learning about. Things like what they are “fighting about or laughing about lately.” Expect a sprinkling of business, family news, social media and things you may have missed in the Little people, Big World show.

‘Behind The Scenes’ episode 2

The second episode of Behind The Scenes should interest fans of LPBW as it covers the reason why they left the show. As Jeremy Roloff explained, “after 14 years and 300 episodes” and so many seasons, it was time to move on. There was so much to say, but they would try and “keep on track,” he said. But first, they spoke a bit about how the show started and went back to the “genesis of it all.”

Not to give too many spoilers away, here are some of the points that the LPBW couple discussed:

  • Audrey and Jeremy decided not to film Little People, Big World anymore.
  • The family who did stay with the show still get their support.
  • The kids moved on, so nowadays the Roloff’s really became five families. Jeremy says “it got a bit difficult navigating all the relationships.”
  • Audrey and Jeremy note that reality TV is so competitive these days. Jeremy mentioned shows like the “Honey BooBoo’s.”

Interesting insights from Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

The podcast brings some interesting insights and if you do follow LPBW, Behind The Scenes comes across as professional. You probably won’t want to miss it, even if they weren’t your favorites in the show. Snippets really do reveal what it’s like to be in reality TV. Jeremy spent much of his childhood on camera and filming Little People, Big World up to ten hours a day. That’s pretty invasive when you think about it.

So, the first four episodes are up already if you want to listen to it. Stay in touch with more news about LPBW and the Behind The Scenes podcast by checking in with Soap Dirt often.