‘LPBW’: Jeremy Roloff Cuts His Hair But There’s A Price To Pay

LPBW followers noted that Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey posted about his hair. On Instagram, they showed different photos of him in the last three months or so, and the question arose as to whether he should cut it. Lots of LPBW fans don’t like him with his long curly locks and want to off. Now, it seems he will cut his hair but there’s a price to pay.

‘LPBW’ lost Jeremy Roloff at the end of last season

Fans of LPBW know that Jeremy and Audrey left the TLC show at the end of last season. However, they started their new podcast and stay very active on social media. In fact, Matt Roloff, patriarch of Little people, Big World, told Soap Dirt that the couple won’t “hide in the closet” when the cameras film the family. They won’t be on the filming schedule but we haven’t seen the last of them and their lovely child Ember.

The young LPBW Roloff couple lives a Christian life, and Audrey has her blog and writes books. It seems that they want to do some good things with their faith and their lives. Jeremy seems inventive, as he obviously noted the comments about his hair. Now, if people help him reach a goal, he promises to cut his long hair. You can see how long it’s getting in the Instagram post below.

‘Little people, Big World’ Fans want Jeremy to cut his hair

Fans want Jeremy Roloff to cut off his long hair and in response to the photo above, there came some very direct remarks about it. Here’s what some LPBW fans had to say:

  • @stickasncookies: “Horrible hair Jeremy. Doesn’t look good on you at all.”
  • @rosanaranjo32: “You guys look good but you really need a hair cut [sic].”
  • @no2siblin: “Love you both but its time to do away with you [sic] hair Jeremy.”
  • @jerriettaarcher: “He looks horrible with that hair.”

The message came loud and clear from so many LPBW followers. Obviously, many fans do either like his appearance with long hair, or they were too polite to criticize directly. However, it seems maybe Jeremy and Audrey were working the hype as Zach Roloff revealed Jeremy’s planning something. In the post below, Zach revealed the price of a haircut by Jeremy.

Fans requested to help reach a haircutting goal by Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy plans to cut his hair when he reaches his goal of fundraising for those people in need of drinking water. As Zach noted, it only takes a minute or so to donate to the my.charitywater.org Shave it or Save it Campaign. So far, the campaign raised over $7,000 with 20 days to go to reach a target of $15,000. Plus, LPBW‘s Jeremy donated the first amount of $1,000. If he reaches the goal of $15,000 Jeremy will cut his long locks.

What do think of Jeremy Roloff raising funds for charity using his haircut as the price? Will you donate, or would you rather see him keep his long curly hair?

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