‘Life After Lockup’: Tony Becomes a Daddy?

Life After Lockup ex-con Tony is now a proud father to something adorable. The WEtv celeb keeps himself busy since the last season of the WEtv spinoff wrapped. And, he has his hands full in more ways than one. What’s the latest on Angela Gail’s husband?

Life After Lockup: Tony a Proud Father?

Life After Lockup viewers watched Angela Gail and Tony marry on the finale. And, now that another season is over, many fans would like to know what the couples are up to. He is very busy recently. And, he even has some new additions to his family.

Turns out Tony is a dad to several kittens. So, it’s clear he has his hands full with several new felines in the house. He regularly posts updates online with his new furry friends. And, his posts get a lot of engagement from fans. But, many Life After Lockup watchers wonder how Angela Gail feels about the new additions.

Life After Lockup: Tony

LALU: Tony Adopts Kittens to Promote His Business?

Along with being a cat dad, Tony sells candles and various other products online. Tony said on Life After Lockup that he’s a hustler. And, selling products online and promoting his new business is definitely his current hustle. Meanwhile, having cute kittens around doesn’t hurt.

Tony’s kitten updates often remind Life After Lockup fans to buy his products. Is this a slick marketing move from the former felon? In a recent post, Tony advertised his products and said that Life After Lockup followers buying from him helps his new friends. He said buying from him supports “these little kittens”. And, it looks like he made the right move to attract potential Life After Lockup buyers.

Life After Lockup: Tony

Life After Lockup: Are Tony and Wife Angela Gail Still Together?

One of the big questions following the Life After Lockup season finale is whether or not Angela Gail and hubby Tony are still together. He promotes his new business in live videos online. And, he seems friendly with potential buyers – especially his female fans.

Meanwhile, something he said to a WEtv watcher recently certainly stands out. When asked about the kittens, he said he has six of them. Most married couples would say “we” in this context. And, Tony seems to do a lot of things by himself lately. Is there trouble in paradise for the Life After Lockup pair?

On top of that, Angela Gail now sells lockdown video shout-outs to fans online. So, it looks like she also does her own thing during the coronavirus quarantine. Angela doesn’t say anything about doing the shout-outs with Tony. So, it may be a solo project.

He promotes his products by himself while getting flirty with fans. And, Angela Gail seems to do her own thing. For a married pair they certainly seem to be self-isolating from one another. Angela joked recently that she is not burning Tony’s things during quarantine. But, that may not last long if Tony turns on the charm with one of his potential buyers.

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