‘Love After Lockup’: Tony’s Quarantine Chronicles – Back to Catfishing for His Birthday?

Love After Lockup’s Tony (Angela Gail’s now husband) keeps fans up-to-date with his quarantine chronicles and he assures them he is set to return soon with more. In this latest video, the WEtv personality shares how he celebrated his birthday while on COVID-19 lockdown.

Love After Lockup: Tony Connects With Fans During Quarantine

Tony from Love After Lockup stays in touch with fans through his short quarantine videos. Now, he keeps it going with short videos he posts on Instagram. Surely, he knows it can drive people crazy to be stuck in the house. So, he wants to stay in contact with folks and share how he copes with it.

Hopefully, his advice makes it easier for everyone else that’s forced to stay indoors. The Love After Lockup star shows how to get out and stay occupied while still stay isolated from the public. No doubt, there are many ways to get outdoors alone to make it easier to cope with cabin fever. Check out how Tony makes it work.

Love After Lockup: Tony

Tony Off to Catch Catfish (Literally) for His Birthday

Love After Lockup cast member Tony decided to go over to the spillway by the lake to get in some fishing time. Viewers will recall Tony loves to fish, one if his favorite hobbies. So, that’s one of the few things he can do to stay busy and get outside but still not come in contact with others. Because it was his birthday he wanted to do something he could enjoy.

Although, he mentions in the video he spent most of the time fighting with his pole. He only got his bait in the water for about 5 minutes. But, that’s beside the point. At least, he could enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Of course, he couldn’t fish in prison so that’s certainly a bonus to life on the outside. Regardless, he had a great time outdoors for his special day, say Love After Lockup updates.

Love After Lockup: Tony

Love After Lockup Star Urges People to Get Outside If They Can

Life After Lockup fan-fave Tony hopes people will take his advice and do whatever they can to get outdoors. Of course, self-isolation is important to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. But, it’s also important for people’s mental health to find a way to get out. So, if you can go for a hike or go fishing like Tony, he urges you to take advantage. But, by all means, stay safe. And, be on the lookout for more videos from Tony of Love After Lockup.

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