‘Life After Lockup’: Tony Lures the Ladies with New Business – Angela Not Happy?

Life After Lockup‘s Tony gets flirty with WEtv watchers while promoting his new business – does Angela Gail approve? Tony is a big flirt. And, Angela caught him a number of times messaging other women. And now, he contacts a lot of Life After Lockup watchers as a business owner. Will Angela put him back in the dog house?

Life After Lockup: Tony Promotes New Business

Life After Lockup viewers saw Tony and Angela Gail marry on the season finale of the WEtv show. But, many watchers want to know what the pair will do now that the season wrapped. Meanwhile, it seems Tony is busy promoting his latest business venture – selling cleaning products and candles online.

Angela Gail’s hubby actively promotes his products online to his followers. And, he does a number of live videos encouraging people to buy from him. Meanwhile, he also welcomes direct messages from people wanting to get in on this business opportunity.

Tony regularly looks to recruit people to join his team of sellers. And, overall, he seems to do quite well for himself. Tony said previously on Life After Lockup that he is a hustler by nature. And, it looks like his latest hustle is a productive one. Certainly, it could go a long way toward funding his married life with Angela Gail.

Life After Lockup: Tony

LALU: Tony Flirting with Ladies Online?

Tony has a history of flirting with women. And, he said on Life After Lockup that he often cheats on his girlfriends. He struggles with impulse control and often can’t resist temptation. And, this could be the case when talking to women online while sharing his new business model.

Tony seems to keep things professional while getting Life After Lockup followers to purchase products from him. But, it may only be a matter of time before he finds himself in hot water again with his wife. Certainly, it seems Tony enjoys the added attention he gets from his followers. But, whether that lands him back on the outs with Angela is something worth watching.

In addition, Tony recently shared a snap with four kittens. And, a number of Life After Lockup fans flocked to the update to comment on it. And, whether or not he chooses to indulge, it looks like the temptation is definitely there.

Will Angela Clamp Down on Her Life After Lockup Husband?

So far, Angela Gail hasn’t publicly gone after him for his flirty behavior. This is something she dealt with since the beginning of their relationship. But, so far, she hasn’t told anyone publicly to stay away from her man. Perhaps Tony uses his business as a way to get the attention he wants from others. Either way, Angela Gail hasn’t laid down the law just yet.

Angela Gail recently shared an update online from her country home in Mississippi. She doesn’t seem too worried about the coronavirus threat all the way out in the country. In addition, she said she isn’t burning Tony’s things in the yard. So, it seems they’re in a good place despite Tony’s flirtatious ways.

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