‘Life After Lockup’: Lacey Gives Fans Relationship Advice in Cameo Video

Life After Lockup star Lacey gave relationship advice to fans in a personalized shout out video. Lacey told the fans what she would do if she was entering the dating scene. As someone who dated two inmates at the same time, Lacey may have some unconventional advice. However, it doesn’t look like she’ll be looking to date anyone soon. Since she is in a marriage with Shane Whitlow and is seemingly still in love with her former fiance John Slater.

Life After Lockup Update: Lacey Goes Back to Ex-Fiance John Slater

On Life After Lockup, Lacey wasn’t happy when her husband Shane Whitlow told her about him cheating on her. However, instead of working on her marriage she ran right back to John Slater. Even though Lacey married Shane, she still always had John in the back of her mind. It didn’t take her long to wonder if she made the right decision to marry Shane.

Life After Lockup fans saw as Lacey met up with John Slater without Shane Whitlow knowing. She told John that when he was back in jail it made her realize that she didn’t want to lose to him. It also made her realize just how much she loves him. During their reunion, Lacey and John shared a passionate kiss. She knows that he has a problem with drugs. But, she said that at least “he’s never cheated on me.”

Love After Lockup: Lacey - Life After Lockup

We TV Alum Lacey Done with Shane Whitlow?

After Lacey kissed John Slater it seemed like she was done with Shane Whitlow. But, the Life After Lockup alum may not be too sure what she wants to do. Although, she did keep meeting up with John a secret from Shane. Since she knew that he would get extremely upset. But, seeing John made Lacey question her relationship with her husband.

In a previous Life After Lockup episode, Lacey was on a video call with John Slater. John and Lacey had a very flirtatious conversation. They exchanged compliments on each other’s appearances. Lacey even asked him to take off his shirt. She continues to go back and forth between the two. But with John currently back in jail will she be able to leave him in the past for good?

Life After Lockup Celeb Gives Fans Dating Advice

Lacey might not be someone’s first choice when it comes to seeking advice about relationships. But, that wasn’t the case for two fans looking for love advice. In a Cameo video, the Love After Lockup celeb said that these fans were recently single and looking for a little pep talk for getting back into the dating world. She does know a thing or two about dating. Even though she may be a married woman.

The Life After Lockup reality star told the fans what she would do if she were newly single. Lacey said that she would “not worry about one man and go out there and try all the flavors.” Sounds familiar. She said she would get all ready, hit the bars and find “a man for the night.” Although, Lacey did say she would also enjoy the freedom and focus on herself.

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