‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Raises Money for Noelle Jaclyn’s Bottom Surgery with Drag Show Fundraiser

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal Jazz Jennings offers to help her friend Noelle Jaclyn raise money for her bottom surgery. She plans on hosting a drag show fundraiser. In hopes to raise at least $15,000. She fears that the fundraiser won’t be successful. With so much on her plate, she seems to struggle with personal issues. Will she be able to raise the full amount for Noelle’s surgery?

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I Am Jazz: TLC star Jazz Jennings Helps Friend Raise Surgery Funds

Jazz Jennings has already gone through gender confirmation surgery herself. Despite all the complications, that procedure meant a lot to her. She finally felt comfortable in her own skin. A good friend of her’s Noelle Jaclyn who is also transgender is planning on having bottom surgery done as well. Jazz wants to be able to help Noelle raise funds for the procedure.

I Am Jazz spoilers report Jazz Jennings will be helping Noelle Jaclyn get the money she needs for her bottom surgery. She tells Noelle that she is going to host a drag charity fundraiser. Noelle seems very appreciative of the gesture. This procedure will allow Noelle to feel comfortable in her own body.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings - Noelle Jaclyn

Jazz Fears Noelle Jaclyn Fundraiser Will Fail

Jazz Jennings may be happy to help out a friend. But, not everyone is so supportive. Some of her friends are worried that she may have taken on a lot more than she can handle. The transgender teen does have a lot on her plate. She has to focus on graduating from high school. While figuring out which college she wants to attend.

I Am Jazz spoilers explain that Jazz Jennings doesn’t know what she will do if this event fails. Raising the full amount is very important. One of her friends asks “do you think you guys can actually raise $1,500 at this event?” The LGBTQ activist corrects her and says “$15,000.” That is a great deal of money. She doesn’t want to think about the event being a failure and not raising the money.

According to Instagram, they were able to raise a total of $25,000. Noelle Jaclyn was able to get the bottom surgery done. The surgery took place earlier last year and Jazz was there by her side.

Celeb’s Fundraiser Struggles

Jazz Jennings would never want to let Noelle Jaclyn down. So, she goes ahead and plans the drag charity show. It looks like she gets her whole family involved. Including her grandfather. The Jennings have always been very supportive of everything she does. They will always do whatever they can to help. But, will this event be too much for her to handle?

I Am Jazz spoilers show Jazz Jennings breaking down crying during the fundraiser show. She admits that she wants everything to be perfect. Not only for Noelle Jaclyn but herself as well. By the reaction of the audience, it appears something goes wrong during the show. The Florida teen walks out and says “I’m done.” According to her brother, she has to have everything go down perfectly. But, when it doesn’t “she just breaks down.”

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