‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Stresses over Graduation Speech – Not Happy with Outcome

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal Jazz Jennings stresses over her graduation speech. She’s valedictorian for a reason, though. So, she wants to make sure her school feels like she deserved the honor. However, this comes with the requirement to make a speech. As someone who struggles with perfectionism, she wonders if she’s funny enough. Greg Jennings and his wife Jeanette Jennings try to calm their daughter down. Will she be able to make the audience laugh and give a memorable graduation talk? All-new episodes air Tuesdays on TLC.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Gets Approval From School

Jazz Jennings’ is the valedictorian for her graduating class at her virtual high school in Florida. So, she is responsible for crafting a speech to deliver to all the graduates. So, she must make sure everything is perfect, especially since all eyes will be on her. However, she must get her speech pre-approved.

I Am Jazz previews explain that graduation quickly approaches for Jazz Jennings. She also gets the green light from her school for her valedictorian talk. However, she puts pressure on herself. She says that she doesn’t “think it’s that good” enough. Yet, her dad Greg tells her not to worry about it since it’s not for a grade. But, the LGBTQ advocate isn’t able to let it go.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings - Greg Jennings - Jeanette Jennings

TLC Star Not Happy With Word Choices

Jazz Jennings doesn’t hide the fact that she is a perfectionist. She always wants to make sure that everything goes her way. Fans saw as Jazz got upset during her drag show performance over her bracelets falling apart. No one noticed the mishap, and they were able to raise the amount needed for her friend Noelle Jacyln’s bottom surgery. But, her performance still bothered her.

In the next episode of I Am Jazz, she’s dissatisfied with what she wrote. She says, “I’m not entirely happy with it.” She doesn’t like some of her choice of words. But, it’s too late to make any changes. The fact that Jazz Jennings can’t make any last-minute changes really eats at her. The Florida teen says that she is “really allowing her perfectionism to take over”.

Reality Celeb Not Funny Enough?

Jazz Jennings feels like she didn’t add enough humor. She is fearful that the audience won’t laugh and enjoy it because Jazz says she didn’t add “pizzazz” to make it funny. She says that when she wrote it: “I felt like I had the responsibility to make a lot of people happy”. But, Jazz feels like what she says isn’t true to who she is.

However, the I Am Jazz sneak peek shows Greg and Jeanette ensuring their daughter she has nothing to worry about. Greg tells the transgender teen that she isn’t a comedian. So, Greg says that she doesn’t have “any obligation to make people laugh”. Meanwhile, Jeanette realizes this is important to her daughter.

But, Jeanette wants her youngest child to realize because it was pre-approved, she can’t make any changes. So, it’s a done deal no matter what. Despite her parents comforting her, Jazz Jennings acknowledges that she’s stressing herself out over the speech. Watch to see all the drama and how her speech comes out.

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