‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Missing After Spending Time With Boyfriend Ahmir

I Am Jazz spoilers reveals Jazz Jennings goes missing after spending time with her boyfriend. She claims that Ahmir Steward came into her life when she least expected. The two started talking less than a month after her gender confirmation surgery. Ahmir is in Florida visiting the Jennings for the first time.  Things seem to be going great for the couple. However, that all changes when Jazz goes missing. Sparking concern from her parents.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Finds A Connection With Ahmir Steward

In the past, Jazz had a hard time dating. Being transgender it made dating difficult for her. She was never sure if she saw herself with a girl or a boy. When she met Ahmir Steward everything just made sense. She finds the relationship between her and Ahmir cool. It may have been quick and out of the blue, but she is happy she met someone like him.

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal that the new couple have been able to connect with each other. She admits that they have a great connection. Ahmir may not be transgender, but he still is able to understand her. He doesn’t look at her any different. According to his Instagram, Ahmir is a mental health and LGBTQ advocate.

Parents Concerned About Relationship

Greg and Jeanette Jennings state that Jazz has never expressed this much interest in a boy before. However, they are concerned that their daughter may be moving a little too fast with this relationship. Their daughter has already asked if Ahmir Steward could stay over at their house. Greg did not like this idea and shut it down quickly.

I Am Jazz spoilers show the first meeting between Ahmir and the Jennings. This being Jazz’s first relationship Jeanette doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt. Her major concern is the safety of her daughter. She has never had to deal with a transgender child dating until now. For Jeanette it’s a new territory. Greg also has some concerns. He states that he has his reservations.

Jazz Jennings Goes Missing

I Am Jazz spoilers shows that Jazz goes missing. During a dinner date with her husband, Jeanette gets a message from their daughter Ari. There is some concern that their daughter did not return home when she was expected to. Jeanette starts to worry and says that “she should’ve been back by now.” Greg explains that she was with Ahmir Steward.

The situation gets tense. Jeanette rushes out in panic to call Ari. Greg tells her to not make the phone call while on camera. He also tells her to pull her microphone so there would be no recording of the call. By their reactions the situation is very serious. Their daughter’s safety could be jeopardize. Especially since she was last seen with a boy they don’t know too well.

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