I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Faces Threats Before Bottom Surgery

I Am Jazz TLC star Jazz Jennings may face threats before her bottom surgery. She announced the date of the surgery online in a video on her YouTube channel. For Jazz, it was seen as no big deal since she always shares everything with her fans. However, her parents think that this could potentially become a security issue. Should she have not told her fans the date of her upcoming surgery?

I Am Jazz – Jazz Jennings Releases Surgery Date

Jazz posted a Youtube video on her channel talking about her bottom surgery. She loves updating her fans on everything she has going on in her life. Getting bottom surgery is very exciting for her. She wants to be able to share that excitement with her viewers. Jazz announced the date of her bottom surgery in the video, as she was caught up in the excitement. She thought it was no big deal.

At the time, Jazz did not think there was an issue letting her fans know details like the date of her surgery. In the sneak peek of I Am Jazz, she tells her parents that it is nothing to freak out about. She claims that it is not like someone is going to break into the hospital while she is there. For her, sharing the info is not something to worry about. Her parents on the other hand, think otherwise.

Parents Concerns About Daughter’s Safety

The I Am Jazz star’s father, Greg Jennings, is concerned about “one or two people who are so far off the deep end.” For him he is worried about those who you have no idea what mind set they are in and what they are capable of doing. He believes that it only takes one person for it to become a safety issue. It is already a serious surgery and now he has to worry about the security of his daughter.

Jeanette Jennings, Jazz’s mother, agrees with her husband. She now feels like they have a potential threat issue. With Jazz Jennings being such a public figure, there is no telling what people might do. Many already have negative opinions about her and her family, therefore you never really know what can happen. That is something Jeanette worries about.

Internet Can Be Scary For Transgenders

In the sneak peek of I Am Jazz, Jeanette claims that the internet is always a dangerous place for trans people. The internet is full of cruel trolls. They say things that they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Transgender people often face criticism and hate – – not only online, but also in person. Hate turns to violence in some cases.

Greg states that things that they share get picked up by media outlets. Some stories are false and the information is twisted and turns negative. These stories can sometimes be hateful. That is something he does not want his daughter to have to deal with. She is already coping with enough having this bottom surgery done.

Will Jazz have a safety concern when it comes time for her bottom surgery? Find out by watching the new season of I Am Jazz on TLC.

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