‘Hoarders’: Dale Calhoun – Before and After Hoard Clean-up

Hoarders star Dale Calhoun has been in the depths of a hoarding problem for years. Now he shows exactly what went down when the clean-up crew arrives.

Hoarders: Dale Calhoun and the Tons of Trash

Hoarders features Dale Calhoun and his home that he can’t even get into. Most people on the show can maneuver through the large pile of items in their homes with small pathways. Dale, however, seems to have taken a separate approach with his piles. He has bought a trailer and moved it to his property to live in since his house is full. There is just one problem. The trailer is molded and falling apart.

Dale has over one hundred vehicles on his property that are in the same condition. Pretty much everything in and around his home is rotting. When his sister pointed out that his kitchen is a fire hazard, he told her no worries because he has a fire extinguisher. Its located a convenient 20 feet from his kitchen, right outside his front door. Then it’s said that if something were to catch on fire, he’d have no time to go and grab it. Dale is okay with that because he hopes if first instant is to beat the fire out.

Hoarders: Dale Calhoun

A Large Group for a Large Mess

Hoarders personality Dale Calhoun can not clean up his five-acre property all by himself. That’s why thirty people from a local army base that he was apart of in the ’60s decide to come and help. Even more so, there is a group of professional cleaners, his family, and a tow man all coming to help clean up the mess.

Dale starts to let most things go. They manage to pull away 15 tons of trash on their first day. While cleaning out the garage, a support beam in his home broke. When a professional came into check on the home’s integrity and said, it is unsuitable for living in. Even the smallest vibrations could make it cave in. The only reason his house was standing is because of his stuff.


Hoarders: Where is Dale Going to Live?

Dale Calhoun from Hoarders cannot live in his home due to the number of things he’s hoarded through the years. The trailer he was making due in is no longer an option because of the deadly cold temperatures approaching. They figured the best thing to do was to move him into a less cluttered house on the property. With one day left, the whole crew managed to clean it out.

Now Dale still has a lot to clean but can feel safe and happy in his home. The crew managed to clean his yard so he can access his home to start on repairs. Dale has had one of the largest clean-up projects the professionals have ever seen. But at least Dale will stay warm and happy in a safe place.

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