‘Hoarders’: Eric Goes Dumpster Diving

Hoarders fans witnessed a first in the show – Eric going dumpster diving to retrieve his couch and other belongings. What caused him to go this far?

Hoarders: Eric Lost His Wife

At the beginning of Hoarders, we learn that Eric lost his beloved wife, Szilvie, due to cancer. We also learn that even though he was a hoarder deep down, Szilvie was an interior designer and kept their home in line. After she died, Eric went out of control.

Eric was more of a compulsive buyer. He went into debt, buying all of these belongings while never using any of them. He was also hesitant about letting go of Szilvie’s items. They’re some of the last remnants that he has of her.

Eric was completely compliant about the clean-up and psychological help during Hoarders. That is until they discussed throwing away Szilvie’s stuff. Not only that, but the clean-up crew starting throwing away furniture that Eric didn’t consent to — including a brand new couch.

Hoarders: Eric

Eric Goes Into the Dumpster

Eric takes a break from the ordeal and goes on a walk with his dog on Hoarders. He passes by the dumpster, where he sees his brand new couch.

“See that couch right there? That’s a $1,000 couch. I just bought that,” he tells the cleaning staff. And then he explodes on Hoarders, telling the cleaning staff and family members that “you just can’t get rid of things.”

Eric fires up as he argues with the staff and his loved ones. On Hoarders, he walks into the dumpster and freaks out even more. “Now you have me looking through the trash. This is not what I wanted to do,” Eric says as he’s standing in the dumpster.

“Now I have to go dumpster diving because y’all weren’t doing your stuff.”

When asked on Hoarders, one of his family members said she didn’t know the belongings were getting thrown in the trash. She thought the cleaning staff was placing the items in the dumpster bins and will throw them away after Eric sorts through them.

Hoarders: Eric

Hoarders: He Doesn’t Know What Else Will Get Thrown Out

While he’s still standing in the dumpster during the filming of Hoarders, Eric continues to get upset. “I don’t know what else will get thrown away because people are assuming things they shouldn’t assume,” he said while completely exasperated.

Eric is upset because he feels the cleaning staff weren’t doing their jobs and his family wasn’t respecting his belongings on Hoarders. He also gets mad at the psychologist because he felt like she was distracting him, making him sort through other belongings while his possessions were ending up in the dumpster.

He tells everyone that was unacceptable and unprofessional, resulting in one of the most groundbreaking moments of Hoarders.

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