‘Hoarders’: Glen Brittner Murdered

Hoarders star Glen Brittner was murdered and his body was found by an employee. Authorities are still searching for the individuals who are responsible for the death of the local businessman.

Hoarders: Glen Brittner Struggles With Rat Obsession

Glen Brittner from Hoarders openly admits that he’s got “too many rats.” Therapists from this TLC hit show try to explain to viewers that Glen sees the rats that he collects as his children. However, as rats crawl over his entire floor, he realizes that he needs to get help for his pet problem.

But, separating from his loved pets isn’t easy for Glen Brittner from Hoarders. After realizing that the pests are going to have to leave his house, the burly man breaks down into tears. He isn’t ready to part from his mice. Yet, things take a turn for the worse after the episode star beings to realize how many of his pets are sick. So, his family members force him to make the decision to put one of his mice down. This causes the man to break down even further, getting increasingly upset.

Hoarders: Glen Brittner

Episode Star Talks Addiction

Glen Brittner from Hoarders lives in Llano, California. He describes himself as a “self-employed businessman.” Also, he says a lot of people get attached to cats and dogs, but he finds himself getting personality attached to rodents. Then, he says he loves mice because they’re very agile and intelligent. But, he doesn’t want people to “knock” owning a mouse until they try it.

Ultimately, Glen’s able to face his problem with his animal addiction. He ends up giving up his rodents as he says goodbye to them as they’re leaving in a tractor-trailer.

Hoarders: Glen Brittner

Hoarders: Glen Brittner Murdered in Home

An employee found Glen Brittner from Hoarders unconscious in his home. Also, he’s known to be an active wheelchair user. The employee of the Domestic Water Delivery, Glen’s business, went in to check on his boss in his house. This is because Glen ran his business from his own home. However, the employee found Glen tied up in his wheelchair. Both his hands and his feet are bound together with zip-ties.

Sadly, the wheelchair that Glen Brittner from Hoarders has been using isn’t anywhere to be discovered. Plus, the worker discovered Glen severely bleeding from a head wound. After being taken to the hospital, doctors say he’s received severe trauma to his head. Also, they say he’s in critical condition and unable to speak. While he’s still alive, he ends up spending ten days in a coma. After this period of ten days, Glen ended up passing away.

Authorities believe that there were two men who broke into Glen’s house. Also, police believe they stole several televisions, $2,000 in cash, and a few power tools. If you have any information about the murder of Glen Brittner, contact Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. There’s currently a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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