‘Hoarders’: Beverly Mitchell Killed By Home

Hoarders episode star Beverly Mitchell is found in her home surrounded by literal tons of tapes. Fans are sad to see such tragedy unfold.

Hoarders: Who is Beverly Mitchell?

Hoarders featured Beverly Mitchell and her house back when her house had gotten out of hand. Many people say hoarding is an addiction as strong as drug abuse. What is Beverly’s drug of choice? VHS tapes. She has at least four television sets in her house recording at all times. Her son seems to think it’s just in case anyone wants to see something they missed. Even though the internet exists, her addiction just seems to get stronger.

Her granddaughter hasn’t been to her house in three years but says she did not even go in the last time she was there. She knows how bad the house had gotten and can not bear to see her live in that condition. Apparently once before they tried to help her about ten years ago. They went in and cleaned her house without telling her. This is the wrong way to help a hoarder, and the stress caused her to double up on the tape recordings.

Hoarders: Beverly Mitchell

Did She Get Her House Clean?

Hoarders has had Beverly Mitchell on their show to try and get her the help she needs. The state of her house shocked the professional cleaners. Buckets of old tapes sit outside in her backyard. Pill bottles filled with maggots have also littered her yard. Beverly says that the pills are still good, and she will still take them. This grosses out the therapist on the scene.

Beverly’s house is deemed unsuitable for living in. Her husband and mother were taken from her care due to the state of her home. Beverly doesn’t seem to see a problem with how her house is. She says her home is safer than a car wreck, and it blows the clean-up crew’s mind that she would even compare the two. She cleans her house up enough to live but not much more than that.

Hoarders: Beverly Mitchell

Hoarders: Beverly And Her Pile of Stuff

Beverly Mitchell from Hoarders shows that she had a tough time cleaning her home with her hoarding addiction. Her daughter even said she would be very sad to find her mother dead under a pile of stuff, but not surprised. Unfortunately, that is the reality that life came to. Her house seems to be so unstable it could collapse. And it did.

Beverly does not check her mail for a few days, and after a wellness check, the worst has happened. She could not escape her home. Beverly passes away due to suffocation. Fans take this as a warning sign about living alone, surrounded by tons of trash. This ending is the reality for many hoarders who do not take a clean-up seriously.

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