‘Hoarders’: Dorothy Breininger Resigns in Season 12?

Hoarders organizational expert Dorothy Breininger is leaving in season twelve. But, where does she plan on going after she walks away?

Hoarders: Season 12 Starts off with Massive Challenge

In a teaser of season twelve of Hoarders, a compulsive hoarder talks about what it’s like to experience his house as soon as you walk through the front door. Dorothy Breininger is working on this case to help the hoarder clean out his house and get his life back.

On Hoarders, the man says people walking through his house will notice unopened boxes. Also, he talks about how most of these items are things he’s purchased. But, he hasn’t taken the opportunity to open anything yet. In the pile of crates around his front door, he’s got cases for all sorts of products. Not only is there a box for a device that helps people to poop. But, there are also shoeboxes and cases for wetsuits.

Moving into the attic space of the individual starring in this episode of Hoarders, they show the gentleman’s massive attic filled with clothes. All of the clothes are hung up on racks, but there isn’t any space to access the clothes.

Next, on Hoarders, the person goes on to say his kitchen is already been “de-hoarded.” However, he says it’ll only take him five days and he’ll “hoard it up real quick.”

Hoarders: Dorothy Breininger

Dorothy Breininger Fights Against Self-Destruction

On Hoarders, Dorothy Breininger works as an organization specialist. She works alongside licensed therapists to treat people featured in the A&E hit show to figure out how to clean up their belongings. Also, she serves the affected individuals to decide what items to keep and what items should be thrown away.

At the beginning of Hoarders, Dr. Robin Zasio says she isn’t sure the individual they’re treating will even let go of “5% of his stuff.” After showing the outside of his house also filled up with items, Dr. Robin Zasio and Dorothy Breininger assist the hoarder to calm down. He gets upset after finding a “$1,000 couch” in the discard pile. He asks Dorothy what the couch is doing in there and she explains she doesn’t know why it’s in there.

Hoarders: Dorothy Breininger

Hoarders: Is Dorothy Breininger Leaving?

Dorothy Breininger from Hoarders works closely aside from the person featured in season 12 of Hoarders. After learning a special couch is in the throwaway pile, the man starts to lose his temper. He tells Dorothy having the piece of furniture in the trash bin is “unacceptable.” Then, Dorothy goes on to say she’s ready to start her day, and “then pow.” She says pow as she punches her two fists together.

Next, on Hoarders, the guy they’re helping starts to yell at Dorothy. He tells her if he were her, he would “resign” from her position. Then, he goes on to say he doesn’t want to talk to Dorothy anymore.

In the spoilers show of Hoarders, Dorothy isn’t shown anymore after the guy pressures her to resign. Is Dorothy Breininger finally done with the show after this massive fight?

Find out on March 22nd at 8/7 Central. Or you can check back in with Soap Dirt for more Hoarders updates.