‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kevin’s Web of Lies – Will He Lose Laura Forever?

General Hospital spoilers hint Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) have a rocky road ahead. Kevin’s lies may cause irreparable damage to their relationship. He knew that his psycho twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) was alive and told no one. Now, his wife must cope with the fallout of Ryan’s murder spree in more ways than one.

General Hospital Spoilers: Can Laura Spencer Reconnect With Kevin Collins After Truth Is Out?

Kevin Collins and Laura Spencer’s reunion on General Hospital may be brief. Kevin’s enormous lie of omission may cost him the one he loves most. Although his intentions were good, no good deed ever goes unpunished. And this one turned homicidal.

Once the smoke clears, Laura and Kevin Collins will have to assess the damage done to their relationship. Ryan really hurt Laura Spencer while impersonating her husband. He tore apart their marriage like a wrecking ball. GH spoilers predict that the rebuilding process may not be as easy as picking up where they left off.

GH Spoilers: Laura’s Mayoral Status at Risk?

Now that Laura Spencer is the mayor on General Hospital, she may also have to endure public criticism. She may come under heavy scrutiny due to her association with Ryan and Kevin. Her marital separation was public knowledge, but it may still have a negative impact on her position.

She will likely do her best to put the past behind her. However, rising above all the events may not be as easy as it sounds. Ryan impacted various parts of Laura’s life, including nearly killing her own daughter. Plus, with the mayor an in-law to the local serial killer, that doesn’t look great.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Spencer and Kevin’s Family Badly Wounded

When Laura looks at her daughter, Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan), she may remember how she almost lost her child. Kevin’s lie made them all prey for his brother. Now, their family is badly wounded literally and figuratively.

But Lulu wasn’t Ryan’s only victim in Laura’s family. The attack on Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) may also make for awkward conversation at family dinners. Hopefully in time, things will die down and everyone will feel more at ease around Kevin Collins. But, this may not happen for a while on General Hospital.

On GH, Laura Spencer and husband Kevin Collins are trapped in the basement at Ferncliff. Currently, they are so glad to be alive that they may not have time to consider the future. Plus, right now she thinks Ryan sprung up out of nowhere and doesn’t realize her husband was keeping him captive all these years.

Is Kevin’s lie too big for Laura to overcome? The fallout will be enormous as Doc’s lives allowed three people (and perhaps more) to die in Port Charles. She might not be able to forgive that once she has all the information about her husband’s deceit in front of her. Watch next week to see what’s next.

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