‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura and Kevin Work Together To Escape

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) work together to escape confinement. Ryan Chamberlain (also played by Jon Lindstrom) took Laura hostage after she followed him to Ferncliff and discovered Kevin there. Now that both Laura and Kevin are being held hostage by Kevin, they attempt to escape together and tell the residents of Port Charles, as well as the police, the truth.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Spencer Held Hostage By Ryan Chamberlain

Laura has known that Ryan has been up to something, though she mainly kept these feelings to herself. Things just were adding up, and after visiting with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) in prison after he was arrested for attacking her daughter Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan), Laura only grew more suspicious. “Kevin” wouldn’t do the things he did to Franco, or to anyone else.

So, to find out all his secrets, Laura followed him all the way to Ferncliff on General Hospital. She definitely didn’t expect to find Kevin Collins being held hostage there, nor did she expect to learn that Ryan was still alive. After all, everyone believes that Ryan is dead!

However, Ryan quickly takes her as a new hostage, as he doesn’t want his secret to get out. While Kevin and Laura reunite, now they both find themselves confined against their will. Could the duo be able to escape together, or will Ryan win this round?

GH Spoilers: Kevin Spencer and Laura Work to Escape

Now that Kevin and Laura find themselves confined together on General Hospital, the duo works together to escape. Obviously, Laura urgently needs to free herself so that she can tell the police the truth. Plus, she doesn’t want Ryan to attack her daughter again, or anyone else.

Now, she realizes that the serial killer is still out preying on Port Charles residents. People may begin to worry about Laura Spencer’s disappearance, and they could declare that she has gone missing. After all, she is the mayor now. Whereas before they might have brushed her disappearance off for a while, now people will notice her disappearance more than ever.

Therefore, Kevin and Laura realize that they need to free themselves. However, the duo might find themselves facing more than a few difficulties. After all, Ryan has locked Kevin Collins away from the world for a while now, with no hope of freedom. Plus, he’s blind!

General Hospital: Happily Ever After for Laura Spencer and Kevin?

Now that Laura and Kevin Collins have reunited, Laura realizes that he never stopped loving her. However, this may not mean that the duo is in for a happy reunion. After all, he has to explain why he didn’t tell anyone that Ryan was still alive.

Plus, she thought, for all these weeks and months, that Ryan was actually Kevin Collins on General Hospital. She has emotionally moved on and accepted that their marriage has ended. There was that whole scene when she became mayor when she took off her wedding right. She really has moved on.

Now that she realizes the truth, she might discover that her emotions towards him have faltered somewhat. Obviously, she still loves him. But has Ryan hurt her so much that he relationship with Kevin Collins will now never be the same?


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