‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jon Lindstrom Says Laura-Kevin Reunite Once Ryan Is Caught

General Hospital spoilers direct from Jon Lindstrom (who portrays both Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain) promise a KevLaur reunion. The actor discussed Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and Kevin getting back together once Ryan’s killer storyline is over.

At the moment, Laura Spencer believes that her marriage to Kevin Collins is over. This is, of course, because Ryan has systematically wrecked his brother’s marriage and life. Ryan’s end run as a Port Charles’ serial killer may be winding up soon – but where does that leave Kevin and Laura? Jon Lindstrom offers insight.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jon Lindstrom Talks KevLaur

Jon Lindstrom talked to TV Insider about his latest storyline portraying both Ryan Chamberlain and Kevin Collins, and he didn’t hold back. Lindstrom enjoys the dual character portrayals. He told the site he’s not had this much fun since he started the show back in the 90’s. He also gave a bit of insight into just what GH fans can expect in the coming weeks and months.

As General Hospital fans know, the killer storyline won’t last forever. But as of now, Ryan Chamberlain literally got away with murder. Meanwhile, poor Kevin Collins is stuck blind and captive in Ferncliff. Lindstrom talked about coming scenes with Maura West. Ava Jerome will be devastated when she learns she’s been romancing the man that killed her daughter. He said working with Maura has been a dream.

GH Spoilers: Laura Spencer and Kevin Collins Reunion Ahead

However, one of the most interesting parts of Jon Lindstrom’s interview was about Kevin and Laura Spencer’s relationship on General Hospital. Fans want to see the duo back together. But given how Ryan stomped on her heart while pretending to be her husband, it doesn’t seem like an easy reunion. Even when Laura Spencer discovers the truth about Kevin Collins, can she find a way to love him again?

Even though Kevin Collins hasn’t been killing people – and didn’t dump her – he definitely lied. He kept the massive secret that his serial killer twin was alive. Not only that, but Kevin was keeping Ryan Chamberlain stashed nearby where he could get loose at any time. So even if Laura still loves him, his twin brother that he lied about almost killed her precious Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) on GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Caught – But Kevin’s Life Still Wrecked

As previous General Hospital spoilers indicated, the police will eventually catch Ryan. While at the moment he is framing Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), it looks like he won’t be successful. Spoilers say that his need for recognition could become his ultimate downfall. Plus, he’s now in a rage because the object of his obsession, Ava Jerome, walked away from him and hugged another man,

Of course, there will be fallout after the truth is out about Ryan and Kevin. While Kevin is a victim in all of this, he also kept the secret that his brother Ryan has been alive for a while. When asked what is ahead for Kevin Collins and Laura Spencer, the actor said their will be a “rebuilding process” and said she’d hold the lies against him “to some degree”. But he also seemed to say that Kevin and Laura will wind up back together.

To see what’s next with Kevin Collins, Ryan Chamberlain and Jon Lindstrom as he plays them both, check out GH all weeks on ABC.

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