‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Floored By Kevin-Ryan Reveal

General Hospital spoilers reveal say a stunned Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) can’t believe what Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) was keeping hidden about Ryan Chamberlain (also Jon Lindstrom).

As viewers know, Kevin Collins kept Ryan hidden away like a ticking time bomb. Now that Laura Spencer learns what Kevin did, she may not understand or forgive the man she loves.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Spencer Upset By Kevin Collins

According to recent spoilers, a shocked Laura questions everything when she uncovers the latest serial killer revelation. She’ll soon learn exactly how much Kevin knew about his twin brother Ryan. Of course, viewers know that Kevin knew all along that Ryan Chamberlain was alive.

Kevin Collins kept this secret from everyone, including his wife on General Hospital. When Laura finds out, she’s going to be devastated. After all, Ryan’s escape from Ferncliff is the reason why so many people were harmed. Her daughter Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) was one of Ryan’s victims, and Laura can never forget that.

So, she will be furious with her husband over the huge secret he kept from everyone. Had he told someone, then Ryan Chamberlain never would have escaped and hurt so many people. This could be a game changer for Laura and Kevin’s relationship.

GH Spoilers: Kevin Returns to Port Charles An Outcast

As previous General Hospital spoilers divulged, when Kevin Collins returns, he may be an outcast. In the aftermath of Ryan Chamberlain’s reign of terror, everyone may blame Kevin. He kept Ryan alive and captive all this time.

While people obviously will blame Ryan Chamberlain for his actions, they also will probably blame Kevin. The doctor knew how dangerous his twin brother was, yet refused to tell anyone he was alive. If not for that secret, no one would have died.

Plus, there are all the relationships that went downhill for Kevin while Ryan was pretending to be him. Kevin may attempt to right his wrongs with people like Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), but may simply fail. After all, he targeted Franco and Carly and even tried to kill them. They might not forgive Kevin for all this.

General Hospital: Will Laura Forgive Kevin?

At the moment, it appears it may take a while for Laura Spencer to forgive her husband. Ryan Chamberlain attacked and almost killed her daughter. In fact, his plan was to literally kill Lulu for learning too much about his past. So, Laura may not find herself able to truly forgive her love for his role in his life.

Obviously, Laura loves her husband on General Hospital. However, her terror and heartbreak over almost losing her daughter could overpower any love she has for him. As he could’ve stopped everything by simply being honest with the public about Ryan, she could blame him for everything.

Regardless of how Laura Spencer truly feels after first hearing of her husband’s role in letting Ryan live, it’s clear the duo has a long way to go before everything goes back to normal. Perhaps too much has happened for a happily ever after for the two. Thus, this revelation could cause Kevin Collins and Laura Spencer’s relationship to falter.

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