‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Takes Kevin Back – All Forgiven?

General Hospital spoilers divulge Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) softens and could take Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) back, stopping their divorce. At the moment, Laura is struggling knowing Kevin kept Ryan Chamberlain hidden. Now, as Kevin faces legal issues, Laura must decide whether or not she’s going to stand by her man on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Spencer Reconsiders

Things might be looking up for Laura Spencer and husband Kevin Collins soon. According to new GH spoilers, an emotionally confused Laura softens her approach. More than likely, this means she rethinks how harsh she was to Kevin since she learned the truth about hm and evil twin Ryan Chamberlain.

Of course, her attitude was justified. Kevin knew all along that his awful brother was alive and well. In fact, Kevin kept and cared for Ryan in Ferncliff mental hospital.

Technically, if Kevin had told the authorities to begin with that Ryan was alive and in Ferncliff, none of this likely would have happened. The moment “Kevin” started acting strangely, Laura and others might have known a swap was made. Instead, Ryan had to kill a few people for people to catch onto the truth on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: Laura and Kevin Struggle

It’s no secret that Laura Spencer has a long road ahead of her to forgive Kevin Collins on General Hospital. However, this recent spoiler confirms she warms up to her hubs. So, it is good news for Kevin and Laura shippers. Already, it appears that she is looking to reunite with him.

If she does ease her approach towards Kevin Collins, then they could reconcile when he needs her most. The doctor understands why his wife needs space for a bit. He not only betrayed her trust, but he caused much pain keeping the monumental Ryan secret on GH.

However, he needs all the help and support he can get as he faces criminal charges for his role in Ryan Chamberlain’s murders. Whether he likes it or not, he’s an accomplice for hiding Ryan away. If Laura lessens her anger at her husband, she could support him as he faces the consequences. She has already shown him some support, and this might continue on General Hospital.

General Hospital: Ryan Chamberlain Story Not Done

Even though Ryan is off the canvas (for the time being), his story isn’t over on GH. First of all, spoilers hint the serial killer survived. While he fell off a bridge, he surely could have lived through that watery drop. The murderer cheated death before, after all.

Second, Kevin Collins must  criminal charges on General Hospital. If the court finds him guilty for his role in everything, this will affect his relationship with Laura Spencer. So, his wife could lend her support as he faces his fate.

Laura is in a difficult position. She obviously loves her husband and wants him in her life. However, learning what he did caused her to wrestle with emotions. It appears she may ease off and forgive him in the future. So, Laura Spencer and Kevin Collins may yet get their happy ending on the ABC sudser.

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