‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kevin Charged by PCPD – Laura Won’t Stand By Her Man

General Hospital spoilers promise Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) must answer for hiding Ryan Chamberlain and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) won’t be with him when he faces the music. It looks like he’ll be charged for enabling his evil twin’s serial rampage. Of course, Kevin didn’t make Ryan a killer but he did help set the stage for the murder spree.

Ava Jerome (Maura West) slapping him was the tip of the iceberg. Soon, Kevin is hauled into court and only three people will defend him. But his wife Laura is not on the list. See what’s coming soon on the ABC soap and whether justice will be served or not and what Laura does next.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kevin Collins Charged by PCPD

As of now, most in Port Charles assume Ryan Chamberlain is dead, but they still want proof. The latest GH spoilers hint that Ryan survived and comes back around because he can’t forget his soul mate Ava. But no matter if Ryan is killed or captured, Kevin Collins still played a pivotal role in those deaths and violent attacks. He could have just let the DVX put Ryan down like a rabid dog years ago.

Instead, Doc decided to lock a terribly violent man behind one little door with no police guard on him and no prison walls to keep him in. That was the worst thing to do and Kevin Collins set it up so that his terrible twin was in the perfect position to start serial killing again. In more upcoming General Hospital spoilers, Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) meet to discuss his fate.

GH Spoilers: Laura Spencer Divorces Kevin – Won’t Stand By Her Man

Recently on General Hospital, Laura Spencer made a call to Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) to make final marriage arrangements. Although Ryan forged the divorce papers, it seems that Laura will make it official. Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) attack was the breaking point for Laura. Of course, it didn’t help that Ryan Chamberlain was demoralizing Laura for months.

Even though Laura knows now that it wasn’t Kevin Collins that dumped her and ran to Ava, the wound is still there. The relief she felt on GH when she found out Ryan was the one messing with her life was short-lived. After Kevin confessed that he’d hidden his brother away, Laura couldn’t look at him the same anymore. Laura Spencer has to put her daughter first and feels compelled to cut ties.

General Hospital: Kevin in Court – Who Will Testify on His Behalf?

Coming soon on GH, Kevin Collins faces arrest and charges related to Ryan Chamberlain’s escape from Ferncliff and recent murders. There is a whole roster of things that DA Dawson and Jordan could charge him with. It could range from aiding and abetting to harboring a fugitive. Caring about his brother and wanting to help his evil twin is not a legal defense against these charges.

But what can help are character references and friends to defend him in court. Certainly, Laura Spencer won’t be speaking up for him – or standing at his side. Now, General Hospital spoilers say that there are just three people in all of Port Chuck that have anything kind to say about Doc. These are longtime friends that know that he only meant to be kind. They are also people not hurt directly by Ryan this time around.

GH Spoilers: Lucy, Felicia and Mac Defend Doc

Recently, Mac Scorpio (John J York) was pretty hot under the collar about Kevin Collins lying and hiding his awful twin. Mac told him on General Hospital this week that Kevin chose Ryan over everyone else. But then he calmed down. Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) also sees that Kevin Collins may have done bad, but with good motives and says she gets it, too.

Finally, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) will stick with Doc and testify on his behalf on GH. Of course, Lucy will be thrilled that he’s single, so her motives might be more personal. Of everyone in Port Charles, it seems just Felicia, Mac, and Lucy will stand up on his behalf. Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) liked Kevin. But that was before someone that looked like him set him up for murder charges and stabbed him.

So whether or not Ryan is caught or killed, Kevin Collins must still answer for his part in all of this. That happens soon on the ABC soap.

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