‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kevin and Laura Find Secret Passage – Freedom from Ferncliff

General Hospital spoilers tell us Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) find a secret passageway that may lead out of Ferncliff. So, they can finally escape and tell the authorities that Ryan Chamberlain (also Jon Lindstrom) is alive and the PC serial killer. But since Kevin Collins is blind, they might be too slow to stop what happens next with Ryan.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kevin Collins and wife Laura Spencer Discover Escape Route

Ever since Ryan took both captive in the Ferncliff basement, Kevin and Laura searched for a way out. Laura yelled to try and alert people that they were locked down there. However, he told her that there was no way that anyone would hear her.

Now, it looks like their luck changes for the better on General Hospital. According to recent spoilers, blind Kevin Collins and Laura find a secret passage that could be the way out. However, while this is great news, it might not save them both.

Kevin’s still blind. For a duo trying to escape from a crazed serial killer, his odds don’t look good. Then, he tells Laura to leave without him and save herself. Will Laura Spencer listen and rush off her help, leaving Kevin Collins in the lion’s den?

GH Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Story to End

From the looks of it, Ryan’s serial killer storyline is heading to a close on General Hospital. Because Ryan has so many loose ends that he hasn’t been able to tie up. Holding Laura Spencer and twin Kevin hostage was one loose end. There are others.

But as Laura escapes, she’ll head straight to the PCPD. However, it might be a slow and winding route to get out of there. And, at any moment, Ryan could discover what she and Kevin Collins are doing and try to hunt her down.

So, Ryan could stumble upon Laura when she escapes. If Ryan goes to check on them and discovers Laura isn’t there, perhaps he’ll search for her. Or he might race to finish off his plans and hope that she gets lost on her way out and that buys him time.

General Hospital: Things Fall Apart For Kevin After Rescue

At the moment, things look bad for Kevin Collins. He’s been captive in Ferncliff for months and now he’s blind. Soon enough he’ll be rescued, though. However, once Ryan’s story ends, Kevin’s restarts. And, back in the real world, things might not be any better.

According to previous General Hospital spoilers, things fall apart for Kevin. Once everyone learns that he kept Ryan alive and hidden away, they’re going to be furious. All the deaths and attacks would have never happened if he didn’t lie about his twin.

Spoilers also indicate that things might explode between Laura and Kevin, too. Although they stayed strong while in captivity, and Laura Spencer was thankful that her husband still loves her, she might not feel the same once the truth comes out. Laura Spencer may despise her hubby once she learns his lies almost killed her daughter.

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