‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason and Sam Make Love on New Year’s Eve – JaSam Fireworks Explode

General Hospital spoilers for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) hint that they can’t wait much longer to be in each other’s arms. They almost got carried away ripping each other’s clothes off before, but someone always interrupts. Whether it’s her mom or her ex-husband, it seems someone is always at the penthouse door to throw cold water on them. But the latest GH spoiler says fireworks explode for the nearly-reunited couple for New Year’s Eve.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam McCall Wants Stone Cold for Christmas

Fans saw on the latest General Hospital that Sam gifted Jason Morgan a stocking and asked him to spend Christmas with her. He’s been making up for lost time with her and Danny Morgan (TK Weaver). They dropped off presents for Toys for Tots. And then Jason asked his ex what she most wanted for Christmas. He seems determined to make it happen for her.

Sam reminded Jason that he never asks for what he wants. It’s true that he seems to always be in the mindset to sacrifice his needs for others. That’s one way that he and his twin Drew Cain (Billy Miller) are very similar. Both are always willing to help others and leap in the way of bullets. They just landed on opposite sides of the law. And they have the same taste in women too…

JaSam Fans Waited Years for Jason Morgan’s Return

There are distinct factions of General Hospital fans. Many prefer Sam McCall with Drew while many longtime watchers refuse to accept anything but her with Jason Morgan. For now, at least, JaSam shippers will get their way. It’s been a slow burn for this couple. Ever since Jason leaped through a skylight at the MetroCourt to save his wife, everyone knew this outcome was likely.

There have been a few kisses here and there. Some sites speculated they’d already be in bed together by now. The closest they got to being between the sheets was Jason cuddling Sam while she had the flu. But there’s nothing sexy about postnasal drip, so we can thank the Powers That Be at GH for not turning that into a sex scene! But it’s coming.

GH Spoilers Video – JaSam Reunion Gets Steamy!

A brand new General Hospital spoilers video for the holiday season teases Jason and Sam finally indulge in what they want – and this time they won’t be interrupted. There’s one flash of them in the video sharing a passionate lip lock, but there will be lots more than that to come. We reported on a leak from the ABC soap set that when Jason and Sam make love, it will be smoking hot.

Reportedly, they filmed the love scene at the unreasonably early hour of 4:30 am and only used a skeleton crew. Why? Because there is supposed to be a lot of flesh shown. Kelly Monaco is in great shape and is never shy in love scenes. And as for Steve Burton – all GH fans have seen his workout videos. But on the soap, Jason Morgan is always clothed, so this will be a treat for fans to see his six pack.

General Hospital Holiday Schedule

If you’re wondering about the GH holiday schedule, here’s what you need to know. There are fewer episodes over the coming holiday weeks but there’s enough air time for JaSam to get busy. On Monday and Tuesday, December 24 and 25 there are no new General Hospital episodes. But the day after, ABC brings back an all-new show.

December 26, 27, and 28 are brand new GH episodes. Then we hit NY and there is a rerun on December 31 and sports airing in the place of General Hospital on New Years Day. The encore episode is from December 31, 1997, which is an interesting choice. It was when Jason claimed paternity of baby Michael and pushed for his heart surgery.

So be sure to watch the end of the year and all-new January 2 episode to see Jason Morgan and Sam McCall ring in the New Year in a very intimate fashion. This is the one-year anniversary of their kiss on the Haunted Star. And this time, sparks will fly, clothes will come off, and JaSam fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for.

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