‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jasam Hides Romance – Sam Undercover at Shiloh’s Cult

General Hospital spoilers report Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) will finally get their relationship back on track. So, of course something must get in the way. GH spoilers tease the obstacle is Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), his cult, and whatever he’s plotting. Sam will go undercover at Dawn Of Day to figure out what he is up to.

But for this to work, JaSam must keep their romance a secret. Jason Morgan and his sweetie are so close to having it all. But, to move forward, Sam has to uncover Shiloh’s true intentions and put her past behind her once and for all. Will Sam be able to con the con artist without getting caught?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan & Sam McCall Give In To Desire

GH spoilers reveal that Jason Morgan and Sam McCall finally gave in to their passion and made love This is something that Jasam fans have been dying to see for over a year now. After almost losing Jason again in the catacombs and then saving his life, Sam may realize that they can’t afford to waste any more time.

So, after surviving this latest brush with death on General Hospital, Sam McCall and Jason Morgan head back to the penthouse and finally had the proper reunion they’ve been longing for. However, now that they have made their way back to each other, something else threatens to hold them back.

Shiloh isn’t going to offer up any information to Sam so she is going to have to go digging for it herself. So for now, if Sam’s undercover scheme is going to work, she and Jason must keep their romance to themselves. Since Shiloh knows Jason suspects he’s up to no good.

GH Spoilers: Con Artist Showdown

General Hospital spoilers hint that Sam McCall will try to get closer to Shiloh in hope’s of figuring out his agenda. Sam may pretend to buy into his Dawn Of Day charade so that he’ll let down his guard and possibly slip up.

Additionally, if Sam can get in at DoD, she can snoop around and possibly find a clue as to why Shiloh tracked her down. There may be something hidden at the cult house that could link him to Sam – or rather Cheryl Richards, Sam’s alias.

Will Sam And Jason Headed for Trouble?

Trying to keep their relationship hidden while investigating Shiloh could prove to be more difficult than they expect. JaSam has been through so much and are rekindling what they once had. A natural connection like theirs is hard to hide. As much as they may try, Shiloh could end up seeing right through them.

No one really knows that much about Shiloh’s past or what he is capable of right now on General Hospital. If he realizes that Sam McCall is trying to scam him, it could make him angry and that could put them in grave danger. Given his paramilitary background, there’s no telling how dangerous he is.

Drew Could Be The Key On GH

General Hospital spoilers remind that there is one person who knew Shiloh back when he was David Henry (Hank) Archer. That’s Drew Cain (Billy Miller). Of course, Drew has no memory of Hank or anything he may know about him. However, if Drew decides to get his memories back, that could all change.

When they were buddies back in Afghanistan, Hank may have told Drew about the woman (aka Sam as Cheryl Richards) who swindled his father out of millions. More importantly, he may have also confided in Drew that he wanted revenge. If so, and Drew gets his memories back, he could warn Sam about Shiloh’s dark intentions.

Shiloh/Hank is a complete mystery so far on GH. And when the truth comes to light, it is sure to be a shocker to everyone. Tune in to ABC weekdays to stay up to date with Sam McCall. And see where her reunion with Jason Morgan goes next.

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