‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason and Sam Alone At Last – Kristina in Danger?

General Hospital spoilers hope that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) are alone at last. On GH, Sam’s sister, Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) announced that she is moving out of Sam’s penthouse. She moved into a group home with her friend, Daisy (Kelsey Wang). However, this move may prove to be a dangerous decision.

General Hospital Spoilers – JaSam Fans Tired of Interruptions?

Jason and Sam have been dancing around each other for the past several weeks. They are passionately kissing and spending lots of time together. However, GH fans are tiring of the interruptions. Every time the two are alone, someone walks in and kills the mood. Where is a Do Not Disturb sign when you need it?

Many General Hospital fans are ready for these two to make it official. Even Kristina Corinthos advised Sam McCall to give in and follow her heart. Now that Kristina is moving out, GH spoilers and fans anticipate a full-blown JaSam reunion to happen soon. Jason Morgan recently told Sam that they both know what they want. So now, there is nothing left but to do it.

Kristina Corinthos in Trouble? – GH Spoilers

On General Hospital, Kristina is known for being impulsive. Her decision to move into the group home is no different. She is doing it because she is fed up with adulting and looking for a change. But, she doesn’t know her friend, Daisy, as well as she may think.

For a mob princess, Kristina Corinthos is way too trusting. Daisy has been too good to be true from the moment Kristina met her. Daisy has given her advice and a self-help book that she swears is changing her life. But, where is this all going? GH spoilers hint that Daisy will soon put Kristina in danger. So, has this all been just a setup from the start?

GH Spoilers – Daisy Connected to JaSam Mystery?

General Hospital has given fans very little to go on when it comes to Daisy. She literally appeared out of nowhere offering friendship, advice, and a place to stay. She humbly volunteers and believes in healing rituals. However, Daisy is somehow connected to the mystery currently puzzling JaSam on GH.

If Daisy is involved with the person stalking Sam McCall, then she may be preparing to use Kristina Corinthos as bait. Although, on the other hand, the stalker’s last email to Sam does say that he/she wants to help her. So, if that is the case then maybe Daisy is writing the emails because she knows who is targeting Sam.

Daisy may feel bad about what is about to happen. Therefore, she may be using the emails as an anonymous way to warn Sam about what is to come. She may be doing what the stalker says by drawing in Kristina while at the same time protecting her by warning her big sister.

General Hospital Spoilers – Jason Morgan & Sam McCall Finally Undisturbed?

Right now on General Hospital, Sam McCall and Jason Morgan are craving some alone time. They finally have the penthouse all to themselves. Kristina’s drama is just another distraction that they simply do not need.

However, they are willing to put their desires aside long enough to ensure Kristina’s safety. If Daisy really is trying to help, then hopefully JaSam will catch on before it is too late. To watch Jason Morgan and Sam McCall save Kristina Corinthos from herself and a possible stalker tune in to GH on ABC weekdays.

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