‘General Hospital’ Spoilers – Daisy Recruits Oscar And Kristina For Cult?

General Hospital spoilers show Daisy (Kelsey Wang) has something off with her. Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) and Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) need to beware.

Daisy first popped onto the GH scene handing out flyers at Charlie’s Pub for a concert in the park. GH fans originally suspected that Daisy was a possible new flame for Kristina Corinthos but now it seems she’s recruiting them. Is this a cult plot brewing?

Daisy resurfaced again when Oscar Nero is in need of a place to live due to his emancipation from his parents. She said she lives with a group of friends who pay what they can and offered him a room. Oscar is thrilled but it seems too good to be true and a little suspicious. Now Daisy’s back encouraging Kristina Corinthos to break down her walls and live more openly. Just what is this young girl’s agenda?

General Hospital Spoilers – Daisy Sets Her Sights On Kristina Corinthos

On ABC’s General Hospital, spoilers say Daisy seems very interested in Kristina Corinthos. Daisy loaned Kristina the book Every Day Is A New Dawn at Charlie’s Pub. Daisy says it can help her learn to do what she did to help Oscar Nero. It may also help Kristina in her own life. Daisy again encourages Kristina to spend some time with her and her friends. Daisy invites Kristina to work on a building renovation with her group.

When Kristina seems unsure, Daisy encouraged her to break down her emotional walls and be more open. This piques Kristina’s interest but what kind of group is Daisy trying to get Kristina into? Krissy and Oscar are both in fragile states right now. Kristina feels lost and Oscar is facing a terminal illness with no idea what to do. They are both prime targets if Daisy is recruiting for a cult on General Hospital.

GH – Daisy’s Healing Hands Help Oscar

General Hospital spoilers recall that Daisy had the healing touch when Oscar Nero had a headache while on shift at Charlie’s. Julian Jerome (William deVry) is the only one who knows the real reason for Oscar’s headache and he freaked out and almost called 911. Daisy offered to help by putting her fingers on his temples and having Oscar do breathing exercises.

It actually worked and everyone was in awe. Oscar Nero called her amazing. Daisy insisted that any one of her friends could have done the same thing. Just what are Daisy and her friends into? Those healing hands seem pretty suspicious particularly after Daisy claimed that book would show Kristina how to do the same.

Daisy’s Clique – Scientology-esque Cult?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if the crew Daisy runs with is a cult. While they probably wouldn’t say it by name, Scientologists believe they can heal in a similar manner. John Travolta supposedly “cures’ people this way. The maneuver Daisy performed on Oscar Nero resembles a Scientology practice called Touch Assist. However, Scientology doesn’t do this move for headaches.

The way cults operate can be a little similar in the way that they “love-bomb” people to recruit them. When cult members are trying to recruit a new member they are known to be usually kind and offer lots of attention and praise. Whatever Daisy is up to, she’s clearly too good to be true. Oscar and Krissy are emotionally vulnerable, so this could be an interesting General Hospital plot.

General Hospital fans are surely eager to see what sweet little Daisy is up to and how it will affect Oscar’s illness and Kristina’s well-being. Stay tuned to ABC to see if Kristina Corinthos and Oscar Nero get recruited into a cult. With Oscar Nero trying to get free of his parents, the group could take his side in the court case and that would make things even rougher on Oscar’s parents as they try to save his life.

Plus, you can bet that Kristina’s folks won’t be happy to hear that she’s sliding further away from them. It remains to be seen if Daisy is recruiting for a cult, but GH fans seem to think it’s headed that way and spoilers also point to this twist. November sweeps heats up next week and we’ll see more on this story soon.

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