‘General Hospital’: Jason Traumatized By Shiloh & Sam Scene — Deja Vu to Franco ‘Molesting’ Her

General Hospital spoilers hint this scenario with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) letting Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) drug and molest her might trigger some serious PTSD for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Considering his history with Sam, either she (or the writers) are not taking all this into account. These upcoming events trigger Jason. He takes action and it may be the reminder of awful events in JaSam’s past. Here’s a quick reminder plus spoilers for the ABC sudser.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan Watched Sam McCall Molested Before

Jason watched helplessly while Sam was molested as longtime GH watchers recall. Jason married Sam and they honeymooned in Hawaii. Franco Baldwin (then James Franco) kidnapped Jason and locked him in a room. Then, he drugged Sam McCall and carried her to bed. He had a video camera set up nearby. Franco laid Sam onto the bed and then went over and shut off the camera so Jason Morgan couldn’t see what came next. But he made clear he was going to sex up unconscious Sam.

Jason screamed, “Franco, no!”. Back in 2011, Jason Morgan sat locked in a room helpless while Sam was drugged and supposedly molested. Of course, years later, Franco (then Roger Howarth) showed the rest of the video and revealed he did not sleep with Sam. That didn’t change the trauma that Sam and Jason suffered for years assuming the worst. Now, years later, it looks like Sam McCall is setting up the exact same scenario on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: Can Jason Handle Deja Vu With Shiloh Archer?

Now, General Hospital spoilers showed Jason Morgan and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) set up recording equipment. They’re trying to capture video of Shiloh Archer drugging, tattooing and molesting Sam McCall. That seems terribly familiar, right? Sam expects Jason to sit in the same situation he was in before and let this happen to her. That’s how determined she is to take down the Dawn of Day leader. Sam knows she’s to be tatted and bedded, but still wants to do it. Obsessed much?

However, it remains to be seen if Jason Morgan can let this unfold. A new GH spoilers promo shows Stone Cold kicking in the door of the DoD house with gun in hand. Shiloh drugs Sam then gets right to it. Then, Jason goes berserk. Could this be a PTSD situation because it flashes him back to 2011 and what happened with Franco? The latest spoilers info say that on Thursday, May 23, Sam Morgan leaves the Nurses Ball with Shiloh. Then on May 24, she is helpless and in over her head.

Shiloh Not Caught in JaSam Trap – But Why?

Other General Hospital spoilers predict that somehow, Shiloh Archer weasels his way out of this situation. Although Sam turned down the drugs before, she should take the drug cup this time knowing the cameras are rolling. She also knows that Shiloh Archer will put that big awful tattoo on her and then have sex with her. Despite the video cameras being there, Shiloh could escape justice for his actions. After all, Sam McCall placed cameras there knowing what would happen. So, Shiloh’s defense could be she knew what would happen and consented by coming there with him. That might be a good entrapment defense if Shiloh wound up in court.

According to the latest GH spoilers, though, the PCPD isn’t rushing to cuff Shiloh. He’s a pretty clever guy and the latest info indicates he may take Sam and leave town for a while after he’s beaten bloody by someone. Then on May 29, new spoilers say that Shiloh Archer plays both sides. Plus, DA Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is one of the Dawn of Day acolytes. So, it might be harder to get an arrest or press charges. Keep watching the ABC soap for more on this twisted plot and see what happens when this triggers Jason Morgan to act.

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