‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam and Jason Reunite – GH Insider LEAKS Secrets

General Hospital spoilers are leaking secrets about a hot plan to reunite JaSam on General Hospital! According to a trusted GH insider, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) may finally be getting back together. Here’s to hoping that nothing will stop them.

Michael Corinthos’ Baby Loss Leads to JaSam Bond on General Hospital

JaSam fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting Sam McCall and Jason Morgan to fall into each other’s arms. Fans of General Hospital spoilers will be happy to hear that a plan is already in the works. Insiders hint that Sam and Jason Morgan may join forces to comfort Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) over losing his baby, Jonah.

Although the death of Michael’s baby isn’t real, his grief certainly is. As Michael mourns losing the baby he believes to be his own, he’s going to need a lot of help. Enter Sam and Jason Morgan. They understand this loss very well. It’s the same type of tragedy (except real) that originally spawned JaSam’s deep love. Sparks may fly as the pair reminisces over losing Sam McCall’s baby, Lila, reigniting their passion for one another.


Sam McCall May Not be Worthy of Jason Morgan – GH

Sam and Jason have been apart for over half a decade. Plus, Sam McCall married his twin, Drew Cain (Billy Miller) whom everyone thought was Jason Morgan. Nevertheless, their love story spans over 15 years! But when Jason Morgan returned to Sam McCall after five years of captivity in Russia, she was initially less than grateful. Instead, she smacked him with a cold shoulder brisker than any Russian wind. Then, she proceeded to tell everyone how much she loves Drew.

So now there are GH fans that feel Sam McCall is no longer worthy of being with Jason Morgan. Some even feel that she deserves to be alone or to feel the same rejection that Jason felt. However, if Jason Morgan were to reject Sam, who would he turn to? Looks to be over for Sam McCall and her ex Drew Cain. But since Sam McCall finally admitted she was brushing Jason off because she still loves him, that spark returned.

General Hospital - Sam McCall and Drew Cain - Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller

In any event, it seems that reuniting JaSam is the TPTB’s current goal even though there will be roadblocks along the way. So, at least one good thing can come out of this whole baby switching business. This storyline is still on the drawing board, (not confirmed), but the insider information strongly suggests that JaSam is back soon. JaSam fans start your engines!

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