‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Thanksgiving Day at Sam’s – Jason Brings Dessert – A JaSam Reunion?

General Hospital spoilers show Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) agreeing to spend Thanksgiving together. It is just one day; however, JaSam fans are hoping that it leads to a full-blown reunion. With any luck or magic, this holiday season will differ greatly from the one before. Maybe after the first round, Sam will decide to go back for seconds. After all, Jason agreed to bring dessert. Yes, please!

General Hospital Spoilers: Danny Morgan Wants Parents Together

GH spoilers tease that Jason Morgan and Sam McCall spend Thanksgiving time together, and then get stuck for the night, as well. It may be unforeseen circumstances that brings them together, but JaSammers will likely approve nonetheless. The pair has been estranged for much too long and has a lot of lost time to make up for.

Even their son, Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) appears anxious to get them back on the road to reunite. Recently, Danny came right out and asked his dad if he loves Sam. Although, the answer is all over his face, it was still good to hear him say it. Danny has also made other requests that require his parents to work together. He asks for things such as bedtime stories, assembling Lego pieces, and Halloween traditions just to name a few. It wouldn’t be surprising if he has something to do with the unexpected overnight stay.

Sam McCall Still Holding Back? – General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital fans of the duo have been frustrated watching Sam Mccall hold back her feelings for Jason Morgan. When he is near, she looks like she could devour him without hesitation. But, then she snaps out of it and fans are only left with talks of cold showers. Many were left wondering if the JaSam reuion is even going to happen at all.

Sam McCall is kidding herself if she thinks those feelings are going to go away anytime soon. It is understandable that she doesn’t want to move too fast. However, there is also such a thing as moving too slow. Sam might want to get a move on before someone else decides to swoop in.

Jason Morgan Home for Christmas on GH?

General Hospital spoilers detail Sam and Jason have a lot to be thankful for this season. Until late last year, Jason Morgan was still being held hostage. Totaling five years of his life that he was missing. He let his memories of his life with Sam and Danny give him strength to make it back home to them.

Spending Thanksgiving together may seem like a small step. Nevertheless, some GH fans will gladly take it, because it’s leaps and bounds from where they were last year. Jason has waited six years to reunite with Sam McCall. Optimistically, this year she will make it worth his wait.

GH Fans Are Ready for JaSam Action

If JaSam supporters get their way, then no one will notice the food on the table. Longtime GH fans are aware that Sam is not that great in the kitchen anyway. She probably has Noodle Buddha on speed dial, and she’s not afraid to use it.

However, JaSam fans are less interested in what Sam is cooking this year. Instead, they are anticipating a hotter fire in other parts of the penthouse. Danny and his sister, Emily Scout Cain (Palmer and Poe Parker) have to go to bed sometime. Hopefully, once they do, Sam and Jason Morgan will enjoy some time alone.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Cain Steals Christmas?

General Hospital spoilers remind that Jason Morgan’s twin, Drew Cain (Billy Miller) is currently facing a family crisis. His son, Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) has a brain tumor. Neither Oscar, Drew nor Oscar’s mother, Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) are seeing eye-to-eye on how to treat it.

GH spoilers hint that Drew may soon be pushing Kim Nero away so he may run to to Sam McCall instead. With Sam and Drew’s track record, she is likely to drop everything for him. She may even decide to cheer him up by offering to spend Christmas with him and their daughter, Emily Scout. If that is the case, then DreAm fans may have a little something to smile about after all.

Which bro will Sam choose? ‘Tis the season for miracles! So, here’s hoping that General Hospital has one in store for all JaSam viewers. Maybe, Christmas will come early this year if Drew doesn’t spoil it. Stay tuned to GH airing weekdays on ABC to find out where Jason and Sam go from here.

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