‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Friz Prepares Huge Post-Wedding Bash

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) are preparing for a much bigger wedding celebration in the near future. They want to start their marriage off with a bang, something their original “I dos” didn’t necessarily do when they said these behind bars. Now, it looks like fans may get the Friz wedding they’ve been waiting to see for years now.

General Hospital Spoilers: Massive Friz Wedding Celebration Ahead

Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber’s marriage may have started off to a rocky start, considering Franco was accused of being the serial killer in Port Charles on GH. However, that’s all behind them. Now, Friz wants to have a post-wedding event to celebrate their General Hospital marriage in a much nicer way than saying their vows behind bars.

According to new General Hospital spoilers, Franco and Elizabeth prepare to honor their love for one another with another celebration. They want this event to include their family, friends, and loved ones, so it may become a big deal. In fact, they may even celebrate during an iconic event.

General Hospital spoilers also hint that this will go down sometime during the Nurse’s Ball. Finally, they’ll be able to proclaim their love for each other among their loved ones. For years now, they’ve tried to do this. Let’s hope this time, they actually succeed.

GH Spoilers: Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin’s Troubled Wedding Past

For a few years, Elizabeth has tried to marry Franco Baldwin on General Hospital. However, something always got in the way before they could say “I do”. This latest time, they put their wedding off because everyone discovered that the serial killer in town murdered Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin).

As Franco loved Kiki like a daughter, it didn’t feel right to go through with the wedding on GH. He, along with everyone else, was mourning and also in fear of their lives. There was a serial killer stalking town, after all. So, Friz (yet again) put off their wedding to a later date.

When they did finally tie the knot, it was in jail as Franco was accused of being said serial killer. Elizabeth Webber knew that he didn’t kill anyone, so she became determined to marry him. However, Elizabeth and Franco weren’t able to do this in front of their family and friends like they initially wanted to. Now, GH spoilers confirm that they will do exactly this.

General Hospital: Friz Finally Stable?

Friz has had some drama in the past on GH. Now that Elizabeth and Franco are married, they may be able to put behind some of these past issues. At least they no longer have to worry about Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) framing Franco Baldwin for murder. That storyline almost tore them apart.

Elizabeth Webber and her husband Franco still have some issues, especially as they continue to try to progress as a family. Franco, for the most part, has now won over Elizabeth’s kids on General Hospital. He has become close with everyone — except Cameron Spencer (William Lipton).

Cam and Franco have had a tough relationship in the past. They have managed to make up and bond here and there, though. However, Cam has never truly loved his mother Elizabeth with Franco. Now that the duo celebrates their wedding, will Cam create some drama on Elizabeth Webber and her love Franco Baldwin’s special day?

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