‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco-Elizabeth Get Cheapo Jail Wedding – Friz Fans Cheated?

General Hospital spoilers tease Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) get hitched this week. The last two times they tried to wed, there was a crisis. Now, Franco is locked up for crimes he didn’t commit. However, that may not stop them from saying “I do”.

GH spoilers hint Elizabeth just might surprise him with a jailhouse wedding. What better way for Liz to prove she’s in it for better or for worse? But does this wedding at the PCPD cheat Friz fans that have been patiently waiting to see their ship get their happily ever after?

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber Say I Do?

GH spoilers recall Elizabeth and Franco tried twice before to get hitched, with no luck. First, there was the earthquake that hit PC and kept him from making it to the church on time. Then, Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) tragic murder sidelined their planning for wedding number two on General Hospital.

Now, Franco is in the PCPD lockup because Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) set him up. Certainly, Elizabeth is tired of waiting for her and Franco to be husband and wife. But it’s about more than that. She wants to show Port Charles – and Franco Baldwin – that she believes in him 100%.

GH Spoilers: Franco Wants Liz to Have Her Dream Wedding

General Hospital spoilers know Elizabeth Webber is Franco’s soul mate and he wants nothing but the best for her. He may be hesitant to marry her at the cop shop because she deserves better. He wants Elizabeth to have a dream wedding. But, any wedding where she marries him is her dream wedding. So, it doesn’t matter to her where it happens.

No doubt, Liz will insist and Franco won’t be able to say no to his lady love. She knows that he is innocent and she’s ready to prove it to him and everyone else. Furthermore, if they are married she won’t have to testify in court. Certainly, this is not a deciding factor for Liz, but definitely a benefit. But for Frizzies expecting to see them have a proper General Hospital wedding, will this be a letdown?

Elizabeth Webber Bound And Determined On GH

Elizabeth Webber finding the endearing “Just Married” sketch in the art therapy room last week, struck a chord with her. It’s like seeing that drawing made her think, “We’ve waited long enough, we’re doing this”. GH specifically showed that picture a couple of times and that foreshadows her plan.

Liz took the sketch with her when she went to see Franco at the police station. She also had it on hand when Drew Cain (Billy Miller) showed up to tell Liz and the kids he knows Franco Baldwin didn’t do these crimes. So, General Hospital should have a wedding and it looks like best man Drew will be there too.

Bargain Wedding – Injustice to Friz Fans?

General Hospital spoilers say this jailhouse wedding is a grand gesture for sure. But more importantly, it’s a low-budget event. Weddings are some of the costliest soap opera scenes because of wardrobe, paying for lots of cast to be on hand, flowers, set decoration, etc. These are bank-breakers.

So it could be that General Hospital showrunners came up with this idea to get Friz married but do it on a dime. Writer Shelly Altman promised fans they’d get a Franco Baldwin-Elizabeth Webber wedding, but didn’t say anything about its scale. This might be a move to quiet down dissatisfied Friz fans tired of waiting on a wedding.

But will it make the fandom happy – or upset them because they feel like Liz and Franco were cheated out of their big white wedding? Either way, it looks like by the end of the week, Elizabeth Webber will be Mrs. Franco Baldwin. Don’t miss a moment as Liz hatches her plan!

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