‘General Hospital’: Rebecca Herbst Has Been Kinda Mad at Roger Howarth For a Year About This

General Hospital ran an interview with Elizabeth Webber actress Rebecca Herbst and Franco Baldwin actor Roger Howarth. In it, she revealed a grudge she’s been holding for more than a year. And it’s all about food and something he did to her in a scene. If you watch the GH Facebook video below it’s towards the end. But you can read below to find out what triggered irritation that lasted a year behind the scenes at the ABC soap.

General Hospital: Franco Baldwin Shoved Food in Elizabeth Webber’s Mouth

The GH promo interview just came out and there’s lots of good stuff in the near-30 minute conversation between Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth. They answered questions about the development of Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin as a pair. The duo also answered fan questions. While Becky Herbst revealed she was happy to see Elizabeth get a different love interest, one thing bothered her.

The big reveal of her annoyance hit Roger Howarth hard. As he had no idea she’d been on edge with him all this time. A February 2018 scene had Franco Baldwin set to wed Elizabeth Webber. But Franco had self-doubt and cold feet. Then Franco and Elizabeth chatted in the hub of General Hospital. As Rebecca discussed “the tangerine story”, she side eyed him.

GH’s Rebecca Herbst Irritated With Roger Howarth

For his part, General Hospital veteran Roger Howarth called it “the grassy knoll” incident. The pair were talking about Elizabeth and Franco scenes and how much rehearsal they do. Roger says normally they rehearse things and have things set before they begin filming. That’s when Rebecca said “not always” and brought up that scene at the hospital where he pushed food into her mouth.

Roger insists: “we had planned it out” but Becky said, “he was gonna put that orange in my mouth before I had a monologue”. Then she added: “I’m pretty sure that was not discussed” insisting the move took her by surprise. Even fans commented at the time on the fruit-shoving incident. Many were unhappy at the way Franco put food into his now-wife Elizabeth’s mouth and were sure to comment on Twitter.

General Hospital Actress Vents – Boss Gets the Blame

The GH interview delved into lots of fun stuff, but this bit at the end was the best tidbit. When Rebecca Herbst insisted she didn’t know it was coming, Roger rushed to clarify and make sure that he doesn’t take the blame. It looks like he threw Frank Valentini under the bus as the culprit, even though he didn’t speak his name out loud.

About the General Hospital food and mouth scene, Roger Howarth said: “So, it was discussed” but then said “it was not discussed with you”. He said it was talked about “between the guy who signs my checks and me”. That indicates it was showrunner Frank Valentini. Roger said that “the boss” said to me, “you’re going to put that orange in her mouth”.

GH Actor Says “Sorry” to Co-star

In fact, it seemed that the General Hospital actor thought his scene partner knew this all along. Roger Howarth asked her, “Did you not know that?” [about him being told to shove the fruit into her mouth]. Rebecca Herbst was clearly stunned and said: “What?” and seemed genuinely shocked. Then, he insisted: “That came from the boss – I swear to you”.

So, it seems this Franco Baldwin-Elizabeth Webber scene has been bothering Becky for a while. She said, “I never knew that… I was like wow, I can’t believe you just did that”. If you recall the scene, Rebecca seemed surprised then tried to chew the fruit while choking out her dialog around it. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked uncomfortable for sure.

Roger Howarth joked in the GH interview: “It was either that or not work for four months – sorry…”. Rebecca laughed it off once she heard the truth, but it was quite interesting that she’d been annoyed for more than a year and kept it to herself. Well, now she can take up her gripes with Frank Valentini who seems to be the culprit behind orange-gate!

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