‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Life and Marriage on the Line – Elizabeth Undecided

General Hospital spoilers report Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) life and marriage are hanging by a thread. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) battles to make sense of it all as Franco fights for survival. He was stabbed and nearly bled out, leaving Liz with so many unanswered questions. Can this once-strong couple survive on ABC’s GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin Stuns Elizabeth Webber

Elizabeth has been working feverishly on GH to wrap her head around Franco Baldwin’s murder confession in court. Because she knows in her heart that he is no longer capable of such a thing. Yet, he said it in court and was sent away.

Next thing Elizabeth Webber saw was Franco Baldwin was bleeding on their doorstep. Before passing out, Franco reveals Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is the serial killer. Elizabeth thinks he’s delirious. So, it may take her a minute to collect her thoughts.

Elizabeth Webber Stands By Her Man – GH Spoilers

On General Hospital, Elizabeth Webber is carrying her wedding rings in her back pocket. She has two choices. Stand by her husband or walk away. In real life, most would advise her to wipe the egg off her face and run as fast as she could.

He has given Elizabeth Webber many reasons to leave. He lied to her on multiple occasions. Yet, she keeps forgiving him. Friz fans hope she will forgive him again. After all, he was helping the police find the killer. But is that enough to restore trust?

General Hospital Spoilers: France and Elizabeth Reunited

Liz could really use a win right now. Currently on GH, there are many doom and gloom storylines. So, it is good to know that Friz may soon get their happy ending. Especially, since this scenario has her pitted against one of her sons over her life choices.

General Hospital fans waited so long to see Franco and Elizabeth marry only to have them torn apart moments later. But now, Franco Baldwin must pull through surgery. As he has a vicious stab wound, it may be touch and go.

Plus, few people know Franco is innocence – and they aren’t talking. Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) is in critical condition – as is Franco Baldwin. And you can bet Ryan Chamberlain won’t be confessing just yet. But Elizabeth may realize Franco told her the truth.

Franco Fights for His Life and Elizabeth’s Love

Franco Baldwin’s relationship with Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital was tested many times. Now, she is reeling over his bloody confession about Ryan. Meanwhile, her husband is fighting for his life thanks to monstrous Ryan whose days are numbered.

Both his physical life and their fate as a couple hang in the balance on GH. Only time will tell if Franco Baldwin makes it out of this with both his wife and life intact. Watch ABC daytime this week as the Ryan serial killer story hits its climax

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