‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jordan and Franco Partner – Lives in Danger

General Hospital spoilers report Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) now believes Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) is innocent of the recent serial killings. Drew Cain (Billy Miller) got under her skin as he defended his foster brother. Then, Franco’s reaction to the horrific pictures of Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) convinced Jordan he is no longer capable of murder.

So, she devises an unorthodox plan to expose the real killer. However, Franco Baldwin is a bit resistant to the commissioner’s idea because there’s a chance it could backfire say GH spoilers. Turns out, both their lives may soon be in danger.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Ashford’s Risky Plan

GH spoilers say Jordan Ashford is up to something unusual to discover the identity of the real serial killer. Jordan wants to continue prosecuting Franco Baldwin to make the real killer think he’s in the clear.

Then, thinking he’s gotten away with it, Jordan hope’s the murderer will get cocky and slip up. However, for it to work no one can know what they’re up to so, for now, everyone will go on believing Franco Baldwin is guilty on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: An Uneasy Franco Baldwin

According to General Hospital spoilers, Franco Baldwin is hesitant to go along with Jordan Ashford’s scheme because it could blow up in their faces. He will have to go through all the motions of pleading guilty and going to prison until Jordan draws out the real killer.

No wonder Franco is reluctant to go through with this. If the killer doesn’t fall for it, then he could be stuck in jail for crimes he didn’t commit. He could be pulled away from his brand new wife and family that mean so much to him. Most importantly, his three new step-sons now question his innocence. No doubt, that’s the hardest part of this for Franco.

Furthermore, the boys are having a hard time at school because of Franco Baldwin’s arrest. This is especially troubling for Aiden Spencer (Jason David) who was already having such a hard time being accepted by his peers on recent General Hospital episodes.

Will Ryan Chamberlain Play Into Their Hands On General Hospital?

Lately on GH, Ryan Chamberlain’s (Jon Lindstrom) emotions are getting the better of him. He didn’t expect to fall for, and even kill for, Ava Jerome (Maura West). But, his love for her is dictating his actions and he is doing things he didn’t plan on.

Ryan is a master killer and probably wouldn’t get caught if it wasn’t for Ava. His focus is on her and she’s all that matters. So, Ryan’s judgment clouds. He was tempted to kill Griffin Munro even though Franco Baldwin is in custody. If the PCP figured out it was murder and not a planned suicide, that would have proved Franco is being framed. But Ryan backed down on the roof of General Hospital.

Commissioner Jordan Ashford At Risk On GH

General Hospital spoilers hint that Jordan Ashford suffers a terrible accident. However, it won’t be a malicious one at the hand of Ryan Chamberlain. Someone runs her down accidentally, say GH spoilers. Swirling chatter says Drew Cain may go blind while driving just as other GH twin Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) did.

Certainly, this is a twist no one saw coming (least of all Drew if he goes blind). If the plot goes this way, it throws a wrench into Jordan’s plan to find the real killer then exonerate Franco Baldwin. If she’s not around to entrap the real bad guy and clear Franco, he’s in big trouble. The serial killer storyline is becoming far more in-depth than fans expected. 

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