‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Insists He’s Innocent – Surprising Allies Believe Him

General Hospital spoilers reveal Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) insists that he’s innocent but it’s surprising allies that believe he’s not the killer that could turn this case around. Most of Port Charles has already convicted him in their minds.

A serial killer terrorized the citizens for months, and the town wants someone behind bars. There’s a long list of people in town that are certain he’s capable of killing and never truly reformed. So, will Franco be able to convince anyone that he’s innocent?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will The PCPD Listen to Franco Baldwin?

At the moment on GH, Franco Baldwin is accused of being the serial killer who attacked Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) and killed countless others, including Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). Of course, viewers know that he isn’t the real murderer. Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is the real murderer.

However, Ryan wants to get away with all the killings on General Hospital. So, one way to do this and plan his getaway with obsession Ava Jerome (Maura West) is to frame Franco. Since Franco Baldwin is the perfect person to frame, as people will readily believe it. In fact, they already do.

Franco has to fight for friends to believe he is innocent, according to recent GH spoilers. While his love Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) stands by him, others might not. For example, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) will visit him soon. Will she believe that he is innocent or rake him with accusations?

GH Spoilers: Lulu Spencer Senses Something’s Off

The main reason people believe that Franco Baldwin is the killer on General Hospital is because Ryan hypnotized Lulu to believe this. When Lulu originally woke up in the hospital after her attack, she couldn’t remember who attacked her. At first, she didn’t even remember the attack itself.

Enter “Kevin Collins” who hypnotized Lulu in order to help her remember this tragic event. As Lulu wants to put her attacker behind bars, she readily agrees. However, Ryan Chamberlain makes sure that she thinks that Franco Baldwin attacked her.

New GH spoilers say Lulu begins to sense that something is off. This could lead to her memories coming back, which would help exonerate Franco. Will she help bring Ryan to justice if her memories do, in fact, come back soon?

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco and Jordan Team Up?

While most everyone else seems to think that Franco is guilty, he must fight to prove his innocence. However, according to previous GH spoilers, it looks like Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) may have his back. Jordan obviously wants to put the actual murderer behind bars – especially if it’s not the reformed serial killer.

She pushed back on the DA who’s just eager to put a win in the books even if it’s a bad conviction. Jordan might find a clue in the investigation against Franco Baldwin that gives her doubt. Now General Hospital spoilers say she and Franco may work together to find the real culprit.

GH Spoilers: Ava Pushes Cops to Keep Looking?

In the coming days and weeks, Franco still has to fight for people to believe he’s innocent. Elizabeth stands by her man even as one of her sons doubts him. But the surprising ally on his side is Ava – mother of one of his supposed victims. Perhaps Ava is the one to convince Jordan to look for more evidence beyond the circumstantial. Ava already professed to Franco Baldwin that she knows he’d never harm Kiki.

So it’ll be ironic if it’s Ava that convinces the PCPD to keep probing for evidence – until they nail her boyfriend – the real killer! You never know, maybe Franco Baldwin can also convince Laura to push the cops to keep looking. And Drew Cain (Billy Miller) may make a third ally on Franco’s side. If the loved ones of his supposed victims are on his side, that should give Jordan second thoughts about the case.

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