‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Supports Drew During Oscar Tragedy

General Hospital spoilers divulge that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) lends his support to Drew Cain (Billy Miller) while the latter falls apart as his son Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) slowly dies from his brain tumor.

Drew needs all the support he can get at this point as he waits for the absolute worst thing to happen. Franco may be able to provide Drew with the “brotherly” support that he desperately needs on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin Is There For Drew Cain

GH spoilers show Oscar Nero’s impending death isn’t a surprise, as the teenager has been dying from his brain tumor for months now. However, that doesn’t make this terrible situation any better. Now that he is rapidly declining after his latest seizure (which put him in a coma), his parents Drew Cain and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) must come to terms with life without their son.

This may be especially hard on Drew, who was unaware that Oscar was his son until recently. Now, Franco Baldwin makes sure to lend his friend the support that he surely needs, according to General Hospital spoilers. Franco’s been there for Drew in the past, so this time will be no different.

Drew also has supported Franco even in the worst of times. Recently, when everyone thought that Franco was the serial killer stalking throughout Port Charles, only Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Drew stood by his side. Now, Franco will do the same for his friend and may help him through this heartbreaking situation.

GH Spoilers: Oscar Nero’s Story Comes to an End

Everyone begins to greatly struggle like never before now that Oscar’s story is coming to an end on General Hospital. Spoilers already hinted that this story could come to a close during May sweeps. Or, they could continue to drag out this storyline even more.

However, as they’ve dragged it out thus far, a May sweeps end seems more likely. So, Drew Cain may only have a few more weeks with his son. Oscar’s friends also only have precious few days with him as promised with GH spoilers.

As his death will greatly affect Cameron Spencer (William Lipton), Franco Baldwin will also be devastated by Oscar’s passing. While Franco and Cam have had their ups and downs in the past (and will probably continue to), Franco does love him like a son. He’s going to want to support both Cam and Drew during this terrible time.

General Hospital: A Miracle For Oscar?

GH spoilers show while it looks like his story is slowly ending, Drew Cain and Oscar’s family would fight tooth and nail for this miracle to happen. However, Oscar’s loved ones have already searched for multiple ways to save him.

General Hospital spoilers showed nothing has seemed to work, including the drug trials. But there’s no miracle in sight. And Oscar’s kidney seem destined for Jordan Ashford. So, it seems his time is up soon. But Franco Baldwin will be a shoulder for his pseudo-brother Drew Cain to lean on his hour of greatest need on the ABC soap.

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