‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim With Drew at Q House – Oscar’s Diagnosis Ignites Romance?

General Hospital spoilers tease Oscar Nero’s (Garren Stitt) dire diagnosis could ignite sparks between Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). Drew and Kim have been on an emotional roller coaster lately as their son battles cancer. Soon, they’ll be under the same roof, and may lean on each other more than ever on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Nero and Drew Cain Fulfills Oscar Nero’s Dying Wish

Recently on GH, spoilers revealed Oscar Nero’s doctor told Kim Nero and also Drew Cain that Oscar’s time is fast running out. His brain tumor is growing rapidly and all they can do for him is make him comfortable. So, Oscar and Kim will move to the Quartermaine mansion where all of his needs will be met.

Kim Nero alerted her lover, Julian Jerome (William deVry), about her move. However, he isn’t happy with the idea of her sharing space with her baby daddy Drew Cain. Then, Kim explained that Oscar always wanted his mom and dad under the same roof. Now is her only chance to fulfill that wish for her dying son. She cannot pass it up in these General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Drew Cain Sees Kim Differently?

Coming soon on General Hospital, Drew Cain and Kim Nero are likely to be seeing a lot more of each other. It’s a small world, and the Q mansion is about to seem even smaller. Sleepless nights may bond these two as they share their concerns about Oscar. Over time, passing conversation may even turn into all-nighters.

As they spend more time together on GH, Drew may remember what pulled him to Kim in the first place. He may not have exact memories, but the chemistry is still there. Kim’s description of their past sounds like they were pretty hot for each other. So, being in the same space for an extended time may feel familiar to Drew. Perhaps, nostalgia will kick in and lead to another embrace.

General Hospital Spoilers: Still a Flame For Kim and Amnesiac Drew?

Kim Nero has been telling everyone that Julian is the one that she wants on GH. But, if Drew begins to remember their romantic past, it could be a game changer. A love such as the one she describes doesn’t just disappear. Being together and sharing this deep grief of losing their son may unlock emotions for them both.

Perhaps, it’s time that Drew comes out of the shadows and takes his shot. He considered dating Kim a few months ago. However, he lost his nerve when she reconciled with Julian. General Hospital spoilers hint that Drew may be feeling more for Kim than he is willing to let on.

Will They Lose Their Son But Regain Each Other on GH?

Things do look good on General Hospital right now for Kim and Julian. But many fans are still hoping he winds up back with this ex-wife. He seems very committed, so things would likely only change if she’s the one to walk away. For now, he’s giving her the room to grieve as she needs while still showing her love and support.

But once these GH spoilers play out and she and Oscar Nero move into the Q mansion, everything will shift. Tragedy awaits their little family. However, it’s possible that a true romance may blossom from the ashes. Kim and Drew Cain may finally realize what they’ve been missing. Keep up on the ABC soap to see what’s next.

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