General Hospital Spoilers Leak: Drew-Oscar Sue Kim Over Risky Brain Cancer Treatment – GH Insider Reveals

General Hospital spoilers predict Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) takes health matters into his own hands. Kim Nero‘s (Tamara Braun) worst fears have come true and she and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) are dealing with an angry teenager. A source on set leaked the upcoming plot that will drag lots of characters into a legal battle that’s life and death for Oscar. Here’s what the leaker said and what’s coming soon for this sad story.

Oscar Nero Furious at Parents – Looks for Answers

General Hospital spoilers show that Oscar Nero found out about his illness from someone else. This week, he confronted his parents about his fatal brain tumor. He was outraged his mother and father were keeping it from him. Oscar knows one thing for sure – he isn’t going down without a fight.

Oscar Nero, along with Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Cameron Webber (William Lipton), do some research and find an extremely dangerous experimental treatment that could cure his cancer. Oscar’s ready to fight for his future and tells his parents he wants to try it. His dad, Drew Cain, is all for it but Kim Nero strongly opposes the idea because it is too risky, says the GH leaker.

General Hospital – Kim Nero vs Drew Cain

GH spoilers remind that from the beginning, Kim Nero and Drew Cain were at odds on Oscar Nero’s illness. Drew didn’t want to lie to their son. He wanted to tell Oscar Nero right off the bat so that he can choose how to live his own life. Drew Cain wants his son to live as long as possible and on his own terms. Kim Nero doesn’t want to burden Oscar with the fact that he is dying and wants him to go on living a normal life – even if it’s a lie.

New General Hospital spoilers from the set leak suggest that Kim Nero and Drew Cain’s struggle is about to come to a head. The info from the set insider aligns with official GH spoilers released by She Knows Soaps that say a legal case “draws Alexis into Julian and Kim’s orbit.” Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will represent one side of this medical-legal battle.

GH Spoilers – Legal Battle Ahead

General Hospital spoilers tease that Drew Cain is all for this experimental treatment and Kim Nero is against it. Oscar wants a say in his fate. That means he will have to fight his mom in court. Drew Cain might not have any legal rights at this point, but he knows a good lawyer. Which side will Alexis take in this case? There’s a potential conflict of interest, after all.

Since Kim Nero is involved with Julian Jerome (William deVry), this could get messy. Oscar Nero wants to fight this illness and his dad and girlfriend Joss will be by his side. This legal battle is the fight for Oscar’s life and starts soon, according to the behind-the-scenes leak. This will get messy and puts Alexis back in Julian’s path while he struggles to help Kim.

Alexis Davis Jumps Into Julian and Kim’s Lives

General Hospital spoilers promise complicated days ahead. Julian’s been trying to get over Alexis and get closer to Kim. But Kim not telling him about Oscar’s illness is an issue. So far, Kim and Alexis have been respectful. If they are on the same side in the coming medical battle, that may say true. But if Alexis takes Oscar Nero’s case instead, the outcome could be explosive.

Julian might find himself trapped in the middle of the woman he still loves and the woman he wants to love now. Kim has been using Julian as a distraction and keeping things light. She doesn’t divulge all of the heavy details of her life. Now, against her wishes, everything comes to light. Will it be too much for them to handle? Is the “Killian” couple headed for an untimely end?

General Hospital – Will Oscar Live or Die?

GH spoilers say Kim may soon feel all alone when Oscar Nero and Drew turn on her. Will Julian remain in Kim’s corner, giving her the support she needs? If Julian chooses to support Oscar’s decision, Kim could see it as a betrayal and it could be the end of Killian for good. Most importantly, is the ABC soap about to kill off the teen?

Fans just saw a baby die a few weeks back, so it would be a terrible time for them to take another young life, but you never know. So far, the inside source doesn’t say whether Oscar Nero will live or die only that the legal battle over his fate is coming soon.

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