‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim Says Goodbye To Oscar – Jordan Gets His Kidney?

General Hospital spoilers tease Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) gives Oscar Nero’s (Garren Stitt) kidneys to Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry). Oscar is short on time and the commissioner needs a kidney sooner rather than later. So, Kim might decide to donate the kidney.

Certainly, as a doctor she knows the importance of organ donation. Furthermore, she would want to help save someone’s life if possible. Plus, it would give even more meaning to Oscar losing his cancer battle. . If he is a match for Jordan, it seems likely that ABC’s GH will go this route.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Nero Time Runs Out – Kim Nero Faces the Inevitable

GH spoilers confirm Oscar Nero is sadly very close to his death. His last seizure put him in a coma and his family and friends feared he wouldn’t wake up. Thankfully, Oscar came to and can say a proper goodbye to his loved ones.

Certainly, all who know him are devastated that his young life is cut short and will miss him terribly. However, there may be some silver lining to this dark cloud hovering over Port Charles, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers and chatter.

GH Spoilers: Jordan Ashford Running Out Of Time

General Hospital spoilers recall Drew Cain (Billy Miller) accidentally ran Jordan Ashford down when he lost control of his vehicle while blind. Her kidneys were crushed. One was so bad, she needed surgery to remove it. Also, the other kidney is so damaged that she needs a transplant.

Certainly, Jordan’s making do with dialysis, but she’s in bad shape. It’s only a matter of time before her health takes a serious toll on her. Even with all her resources, it’s becoming difficult to find a match and she’s running out of options.

But, there could be one other thing to consider. Of course, it’s a tragedy that Oscar Nero is on his death bed. However, if he is a match for Jordan it could be just the miracle she’s been hoping for, tease new GH spoilers. Kim Nero could easily learn at work about the crisis Jordan faces and consider helping.

Kim Nero Will Want To Do The Right Thing On General Hospital

GH spoilers know Kim Nero is facing her worst nightmare – outliving her child. Certainly, the last thing she wants to think about is what to do with his organs once he’s gone. However, Kim is a doctor and can look at it from a medical point of view.

Besides that, Kim Nero is a good person with a big heart. Of course, Oscar’s death will tear her apart. But, if she can save a life it’s very likely she’ll do it. She knows it will mean the world to Jordan and her family. Also, it will be one last gift Oscar Nero can give, predict General Hospital spoilers.

Miracle For Jordan And Family – Bittersweet For Kim Nero

General Hospital spoilers say Jordan’s husband Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is very worried about her. He is doing everything he can to find a kidney donor. Certainly, if Oscar Nero’s kidney is compatible with Jordan, it will be a huge weight off Curtis’ shoulders.

Surely, it won’t make it any easier for Kim Nero to lose her son but at least one good thing could come from his untimely death. She would know that he made it possible for the commissioner to continue doing her duty. Watch ABC weekdays as Oscar Nero lives out his final days to see if he will be the one to save Jordan Ashford on GH.

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