‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco and Liz to Finally Wed

General Hospital spoilers confirm that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) will eventually wed after putting off their nuptials twice. The longtime couple has been steady for a while, even as Franco adjusts to having a real family for the first time. So, will the couple finally make it down the aisle together like they’ve been planning? Or will they push their wedding date back again?

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber Wed (Eventually)

All Franco and Liz shippers will be happy to hear that there is, in fact, still a wedding on for the two lovebirds. After two failed weddings, General Hospital head writer Shelly Altman assures fans that there will, in fact, be a wedding in Franco and Liz’s future. But when will this wedding actually take place? Hopefully sooner rather than later?

In Liz and Franco’s defense, there has been a lot going on in the past few weeks. They called off their last wedding, which they initially set for the end of 2018, because of Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) death. Franco Baldwin thought Kiki was his daughter for a long time and cared about her very much, so it made sense when they postponed the wedding while he mourned.

General Hospital spoilers have shown there is a serial killer preying on the residents of Port Charles. With this storyline becoming the front and center story for GH, the wedding has been put off. In fact, Liz and Franco might not even be married until May sweeps.

GH Spoilers: Third Time The Charm?

This isn’t the first time that Liz and Franco tried to have a wedding on General Hospital spoilers, but it might be the last. When will they finally marry and become a wedded couple? Or will something get in the way during their happiness yet again?

The first time the duo postponed their wedding it was because Franco Baldwin went to confront Jim Harvey about his past. During this confrontation, an earthquake hit Port Charles. All of this delayed their wedding and even later resulted in a breakup between the two momentarily. However, they worked out their issues and supported each other in the trials to come, getting back together quickly.

This last time Elizabeth Webber and Franco planned to wed, they put things on hold as everyone mourned for Kiki. There really was no way the General Hospital couple could marry during this tragedy. Now, it looks like May could be the best time for this long time couple to finally tie the knot!

Franco Finally A Part of a Family – General Hospital Spoilers

While Franco and Elizabeth prepare to marry, he also finds himself realizing that, for the first time, he is a part of a family. This comes with a lot of emotions and feelings, and General Hospital viewers are sure to see him realize this.

Of course, he and Liz Webber have had a relatively stable and loving relationship for a while now. Elizabeth Webber has always wanted to try to put her children first. Now, it looks like Franco Baldwin might just get a stable family of his own.

Franco’s character has developed a lot since he was first introduced on General Hospital. Will he be able to marry his love Elizabeth finally. Or will something come in between their wedded bliss yet again? And for the first time, will he be able to really be a part of a family? Or could something come up and ruin everything?

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