‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Steps Up for Aiden – Elizabeth Is Impressed

General Hospital spoilers hint Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) is about to impress Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) with in a big way. They had a heartfelt Talk about Aiden Spencer (Jason David) after they saw the homophobic slur on his video game.

This prompted them to discuss something that they’ve both been thinking for a while – the possibility that Aiden is gay. Of course, Franco and Liz will support and love him unconditionally. But they also know this will bring many challenges for Aiden. But Franco soon steps up in a big way and wows Liz on GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Aiden Spencer’s Rough Road Ahead

General Hospital spoilers recall that Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) seemed to be leading the bullying at school. However, she was a small part of a much bigger problem. Charlotte claimed to be trying to help Aiden so the other kids would leave him alone and there may be some truth to that.

Even after Charlotte apologized and promised to leave Aiden alone, he was still taunted online. It’s easy for bullies to reach their targets online these says. Poor Aiden doesn’t even get a break when he leaves school for the day. As someone who himself had a troubled childhood, Franco Baldwin is ready to help.

GH Spoilers: Franco Baldwin Steps Up As Future Step-Dad

On General Hospital, spoilers show Aiden Spencer has a loving and supportive home where he is free to be himself. Since Franco discovered Aiden’s love of baking, he’s been in the kitchen constantly with his future stepson. Liz Webber took notice and it deepens her love for her fiance.

Franco is ecstatic to see Aiden Spencer’s natural talent in the kitchen. Aiden’s brothers are encouraging him too. Unfortunately, Jake Spencer (Hudson West) has made it clear that Aiden’s peers don’t think it’s as cool as they do. Franco took note of this is and is ready to take action to defend the kid.

Of course Liz Webber and Franco Baldwin don’t want Aiden to stop being himself. But they need to help him find a path down what could be a troublesome road. This General Hospital family drama intensifies soon but reminds Liz why she chose Franco and why she trusts him with her boys.

Big Family Changes Coming for Aiden

Recent General Hospital spoilers say that as things get rougher at school for Aiden, Franco doubles his efforts to make sure the boy is happy. By Friday of this week, Franco is furious at something that happens at school and wants to make life better for his future step-son.

First he goes to “Kevin Collins” (Jon Lindstrom) for some advice then takes Aiden Spencer ice skating to distract him. It’s too bad, amid all this kid drama, that Ryan Chamberlain decides to use Franco. He wants to set him up as a pawn for the killings. Meanwhile, Franco is focused on Aiden.

Someone else is focused on Franco, too – and it’s Liz Webber. GH spoilers hint she wants to formalize his role as a stepdad to her kids and may be planning a surprise wedding. She wants him to be her husband ASAP and their other wedding plans kept falling through.

GH Spoilers: Aiden Spencer and Franco Both In Trouble

Just as Franco Baldwin is finding ways to support Aiden Spencer, Ryan causes problems. The last thing he needs is for the PCPD to come accusing him of killing people when he’s trying to be a good stepdad to the kids. But that is what General Hospital spoilers say will happen.

If Franco Baldwin is accused of the murders and it becomes public knowledge, that won’t help the bullying situation. In fact, Liz Webber’s other kids may get picked on too if their peers think they’ve got a murderer living in their home.

Needless to say the Webber-Spencer-Baldwin family has some big challenges coming. Hopefully Franco Baldwin can find a way to help Aiden Spencer while also sidestepping Ryan’s evil plans for him. Watch GH weekdays to see what comes next.

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