‘General Hospital’: Liz & Franco’s Dirty Trick – Catfishing Nik and Ava

General Hospital spoilers suspect Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) test their theory on GH. Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) and Ava Jerome (Maura West) got too cozy with “Friz” while pushing the boundaries of their own dysfunctional marriage. Soon, Franco and Elizabeth may confront “Nava” about using them on the ABC sudser.

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Webber & Franco Baldwin Set Up Nava?

Right now, Elizabeth Webber and her husband Franco Baldwin suspect something is up with Nikolas and Ava. Remember, Elizabeth overheard Ava talking about her postnup with Nikolas. Since then, the pieces fit. Now, Liz and Franco realize what those two are plotting. So, it seems they put their friends to the test.

No doubt, General Hospital viewers were shocked to see Elizabeth Webber kiss Nikolas. Then, watchers got a double whammy as Franco Baldwin smooched Ava. However, it seems like Franco figured things out – as did Elizabeth. And they’re playing Nava.

First, it seems way out of character for Franco and his wife Elizabeth to stray so easily. So, there’s a good chance they put a plan in motion on General Hospital. Spoilers hint they confront Nik next week, along with Ava, and shut down these dirty games by exposing both at the same time.

General Hospital: Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) - Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma)

Franco & Liz Bust Ava & Nik on GH

Soon on General Hospital, Elizabeth Webber may join Franco Baldwin to bust Nikolas and his wifey Ava. Chances are that he worked with Elizabeth to hired someone to photograph those kisses. That way, “Friz” can approach the devious pair with the pictures and show them they’re both guilty of cheating.

Soon, General Hospital spoilers say Elizabeth Webber says sorry to Franco Baldwin. Recall, Liz doubted Nik was playing her, so she likely started the plan thinking it wouldn’t work out as Franco envisioned. Now, though, Elizabeth sees Franco’s suspicions were correct. So, she’ll admit it and apologize.

Now, Elizabeth can join Franco as they bust Nikolas and his conniving bride Ava. But, things may never be the same for any of them on General Hospital. Spoilers say this changes the playing field for Franco, Ava, Elizabeth, and Nikolas. It breaks friendships but should strengthen the Friz marriage.

General Hospital: Ava Jerome (Maura West) - Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth)

Friz Forces Nikolas & Ava to Make a Change on General Hospital?

Coming up on General Hospital, spoilers tease that Franco and wife Elizabeth Webber may tell Ava and Nikolas they know the deal. Now, since both cheated and the pics prove it, the postnup should be invalid on both sides. Perhaps, they should each get 50% of the Cassadine estate and just walk away.

Clearly, Ava and Nikolas can’t go on like this forever, say General Hospital spoilers. So, Elizabeth Webber and her love Franco Baldwin may try to make them realize that. Perhaps they can convince Nava to admit their feelings or cut their losses. Either way, the Friz duo wants left out of it.

So, it looks like Elizabeth Webber and hubby Franco Baldwin are ready to fight fire with fire on General Hospital on ABC daytime. Let’s hope that’s the plan and that Ava doesn’t succeed with Nik in splitting the fan-fave couple. Watch to see if Friz puts a stop to the Cassadine couple’s schemes once and for all.

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