‘Family By The Ton’: Casey King and Family – Shocking Weight Loss Updates

Family By The Ton cast members Casey King, Amanda Johnson and Amy Long all embarked on a family journey to lose weight. As seen on the TLC show, the family went through many ups and downs when it came to their health. But, now the family’s giving an update on their journey and how far they’ve come. Check out how Casey, Amanda, and Amy look now.

Family By The Ton – Casey King Feels Like A Normal Person

Casey King was the heaviest of the family. He weighed over 700 pounds. Casey often blamed his dad for him gaining weight. This lead Casey to have a rough start to his weight loss journey. He had a hard time focusing on exercising and eating healthy. However, with the help of his mom, Casey was able to start shedding some weight.

Now almost a year since Family By The Ton aired, Casey King’s still working to drop more pounds. Casey recently shared his new physique. In the photo, Casey’s wearing jeans – much different from the sweat pants he usually wore. He admitted that this was the second time he wore jeans in almost a decade. Now Casey feels like he is “becoming more and more a normal functioning human being”. In addition to the ing family, TLC’s launching a new show1000-lb Sisters starting January 1 at 10 pm to chronicle another family’s weight loss story.

Family By The Ton: Casey King

Amanda Johnson Notices Weird Changes

Family By The Ton‘s Amanda Johnson started her fitness journey weighing 700 pounds. Also, she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. However, Amanda wasn’t able to get proper treatment since she was overweight.

She had to lose nearly half her weight if she wanted to get the treatment she needed. It seems like Amanda may be close to reaching her goal. Check out the Family By The Ton star’s updated physique below.

Family By The Ton: Amanda Johnson

Family By The Ton – Stunning Weight Loss Pics

The Family By The Ton reality star often shares updates on her journey online. Amanda Johnson recently shared that she is starting to notice the weirdest things. Like the fact that she can now see the seat when she sits in her car.

Since starting her journey of getting her health back, Amanda lost 400 pounds. But, she is not done yet. Now her next goal is to be under 300 pounds. And she seems to be well on her way and far from her starting weight on Family By The Ton.

Family By The Ton: Amy Long

Amy Long Deals With Slow Results

Amy Long was 400 pounds at her heaviest. She had a hard time struggling with self-esteem. It was hard for her to see herself gain so much weight. Amy was the first to go through weight loss surgery on Family By The Ton. She hoped that the other family members would follow in her footsteps. Which they did. It wasn’t an easy road. But, Amy was able to focus and work on herself.

The Family By The Ton TLC star is another member of the family that often gives updates online. Amy Long recently let fans know that she is now half the size she once was. She now weighs just under 200 pounds. Although, Amy noticed she hasn’t been dropping pounds as fast as she once was. Yet, she is “cool with that currently.” For Amy “small progress adds up” and you can see her impressive results above.

So congrats to Casey King, Amy Long, and Amanda Johnson on their amazing progress and check out the new TLC weight loss show.

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