‘Ex On The Beach’ Spoilers: Romeo Miller Drops Major Twist – Morgan and Cheyenne Not Happy

Ex On The Beach spoilers reveal that Romeo Miller drops some major news to the singles and exes. Throughout the season, exes and singles have been asked to enter the Shack of Secrets. Where couples had to face their past relationships in the worst way possible. With the season coming to an end, Romeo has one more secret to reveal. The singles and their exes are about to face the truth and enter the dreaded room one last time. However, Morgan Willett and Cheyenne Parker are not happy about it.

Ex On The Beach Spoilers: Romeo Miller Announces Lie Detector Twist

Romeo Miller has revealed shocking Ex On The Beach spoilers, twists and information all season. He is there to introduce new exes to the house. Romeo also watches as the singles see their ex wash up on the beach. Now Romeo Miller is about to reveal one last twist. Everyone is going into the doomed room. Where they will find out that they are taking a lie detector test.

Romeo will tell the house that they will be going into the Shack of Secrets on Ex On The Beach. This shocks the house.  Romeo Miller lets everyone know that the whole house will be participating.  “There is no where for you to hide,” he adds. The truth will soon be revealed. Can you ever get over your ex?

Morgan Willett Is Terrified

Morgan Willett has been through a lot in the house. She is the only single to have three of her exes enter the house. However, that did not stop Morgan Willett from rekindling her relationship with her ex Jay Starrett. Sure Morgan and Jay had their ups and downs in the house, but will love conquer all?

Ex On The Beach spoilers explain that Morgan Willett is terrified about the twist. Morgan is afraid that whatever it is it may change the way she feels about Jay. That worries Morgan. Morgan Willett adds “I don’t want to go.” She is happy with her relationship with Jay . She worries something might change it.

Cheyenne Parker Traumatized From Previous Ex On The Beach Experience

Cheyenne Parker did not have a good experience in the S.O.S room. He had an unexpected guest hidden in a teddy bear. While he was talking to his ex Murry Swanby. This unexpected guest ends up being Murry’s ex. He heard everything Cheyenne and Murry was talking about. This did not please Murry’s ex. Therefore, Cheyenne Parker is not happy about going back in.

Ex On The Beach spoilers by Romeo Miller also indicate that Cheyenne Parker is traumatized by the teddy bear incident. Therefore, Cheyenne does not want to go back in. He adds “this is not going to be great.” Cheyenne and Murry are finally in a good place in their relationship. There is a lot of scandalous information that will come from the test.

The truth will be revealed on the season finale of Ex On The Beach on MTV.

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