Ex On The Beach: Kareem Peterson Spreads Nasty Rumor About Mya – Entire House Explodes

Ex On The Beach exploded again as Kareem Peterson spread a nasty rumor about Mya Benberry. This week’s episode plays with fire, and everyone gets burned. Will he be able to stay in the house after the stunt he pulls?

Ex On The Beach: Kareem Peterson Throws Shade at Mya Benberry

Things were already on thin ice for Mya and Kareem at the end of last week’s Ex On The Beach. Initially, it looked like they rekindled their spark. That changed when they entered the Shack of Secrets. His cousin reveals on video that Kareem doesn’t like Mya’s stuck-up attitude and snobbish ways. Further, she reveals that he cheated on her with six people in one day. If that’s not enough, the icing on the cake is that the only reason he pursued her is a bet with the football team that he could land her.

Ex On The Beach ended things with an explosive cliffhanger last week. This week, viewers see the fallout. Mya isn’t on speaking terms with Kareem and he’s clearly in the dog house. He tries to get back on Mya’s good side but things only go from bad to worse. Once Kareem Peterson decides that he’s had enough, the gloves come off. He unearths an old rumor on Mya from her college days and it spreads around the house like wildfire. Everything burns along the way.

Kareem Spreads Mya Rumor

Kareem pulls Cheyenne Parker’s ex (Murray Swanby) aside and tells him that Mya has an incurable STD. He cites this as the reason he broke up with her. Murray immediately spills the tea to Mya and tells her what’s up. This sets off a chain of events that leads to the entire house ganging up on the guy. At this point on Ex On The Beach, he’s on the outs with more than just Mya Benberry.

It’s unclear if Kareem’s intention was to get the entire house to hate him. Either way, he accomplishes this in record time. Even Farrah Abraham gets in on the action and puts him in his place. There’s a lot of tension lingering from last week. Farrah was one of the first to rub everyone the wrong way. This week, she seems to redeem herself in the eyes of many by defending Mya and shutting Kareem Peterson down.

Beach House Cliffhanger

Ex On The Beach ends in another cliffhanger this week. Things escalate further when Cheyenne Parker confronts Kareem about what he did to Mya. The shouting match gets physical as Cheyenne starts shoving Kareem. Meanwhile, fellow cast members restrain Mya Benberry to keep her from taking a swing at her ex. The entire house calls for Kareem to go. He says that he got the closure he came for, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. Catch a new episode of Ex On The Beach Thursday at 8 pm only on MTV.

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