Ex On The Beach: Farrah Abraham Called Out By Cheyenne Parker in Explosive Season Opener

Ex On The Beach Season 2 kicks off with an explosive fight between Farrah Abraham and Fire Island alum Cheyenne Parker. As the resident diva, Farrah Abraham walks around like she owns the place according to fans. That rubs other cast members the wrong way.

Ex On The Beach: Farrah Abraham wants demands met

Right from the jump on Ex On The Beach, Farrah Abraham makes sure to let everyone know that she’s the Queen Bee. Moreover, she’s definitely the veteran among the cast of relatively fresh faces. This separates her from the rest of the love hopefuls right from the beginning and rubs everyone else the wrong way. Farrah pulled the same stunts on Teen Mom and she picks up right where she left off.

In the Ex On The Beach new Season 2 premiere, Farrah complains about sharing a room with her fellow cast members and wants a room all to herself. She complains about not having enough towels even though everyone was provided with one. As a result, she doesn’t want to use the same towel again. When one of the exes (Jay Starrett from Survivor) introduces himself and goes to shake her hand, she doesn’t acknowledge him. She goes full-on diva. Putting Farrah Abraham on TV is a guaranteed recipe for drama. Certainly, what happens next doesn’t disappoint.

Cheyenne Parker calls Farrah Abraham out

Cheyenne Parker is the first one on Ex On The Beach to call Farrah Abraham out for her behavior. A casual exchange quickly escalates into a full-blown shouting match. The powder keg explodes. Cheyenne Parker pulls no punches. He goes right for the jugular, saying: “I didn’t have to f****** give birth to somebody to make ratings.” If you cross him, he lets you have it. She’s usually the one dishing it out, but instead, she’s on the receiving end here.

Cheyenne Parker goes too far for some Ex On The Beach cast members. Farrah Abraham has been criticized for years over the way she parents her daughter Sophia. Cheyenne’s comments definitely hit a nerve. On the other hand, several cast members approve of him calling Farrah out and taking her down a few pegs. She certainly walks around like she’s better than everyone else there. As a result, some are not sympathetic.

What to expect on Season 2 of Ex On The Beach

Ex On The Beach is off to an explosive start. Not all of the exes show up this week. Viewers will have to tune in as more exes are introduced. Some relationships form early, but the introduction of the exes throws a wrench into a few of those initial romances. Farrah’s ex Simon Saran hasn’t been introduced yet, so viewers will definitely want to tune in for that. With such an explosive start to the season, it will be interesting to see what the coming weeks have in store.

Catch an all-new episode of Ex On The Beach Thursday at 8 PM only on MTV.

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